3 Simple Tips for Maintaing Your External Hard Drive


By Windows Talk

3 Simple Tips for Maintaing Your External Hard Drive

External hard drives are usually a device that people take for granted and never care about it, until something goes wrong. Why not try and look after your external hard drive with these three simple tips.

#1. Store Your External Hard Drive Flat

If you own a magnetic external hard drive then these hard drives are typically built to lie flat. You should not tilt it up on its side because it has fast spinning platters and a magnetic needle inside, much like a record player.

The way the magnetic external hard drive is designed, the needle moves in millionths of an inch towards the platter but never actually makes contact with it. This extreme precision is based on the fact that your external hard drive should be lying flat.

If your external hard drive is not lying flat then the needle can possibly get too close or too far away from the platter. This can slow down your external hard drives read speed and performance.

This tip does not apply to a solid-state hard drive as it has no moving platters inside.

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