Verizon Wireless hassles me, then hassles me some more


Verizon Wireless hassles me, then hassles me some more

By John Dodge

Verizon Wireless has permeated my life with the relentlessness and negative energy of a repo man. It seems I am always on the phone with the carrier about some screw-up, over charge or some oppressive facet of the contract. Actually, the vast majority of time is spent on hold and for a manager after circular conversations with a hapless customer rep.

The latest problem came in the form of a text about excessive charges on my account. I called – it must be the dozenth time in the past 45 days – and it turns out a suspended line was incorrectly re-activated even though I did not authorize it. It happened in a retail store when I upgraded to an iPhone 5.

The result was $147 in fraudulent roaming charges. Verizon said it would forgive the charges and re-suspend the line, but I am insisting Verizon Wireless forgive the early termination fee and shut down the line once and for all given it’s history.

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Excerpt appears with permission from John Dodge.

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