Make “Insert Cursor” Bigger in Windows 8


Make “Insert Cursor” Bigger in Windows 8

By Dave Taylor

The Question:My Dad’s been doing well with the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8 on his new Vizio all-in-one computer, but one thing’s messing him up when he’s working on his novel: he can no longer find the cursor in Notepad. You know, the one that’s just a vertical line? How can we fix that?

Dave’s Answer:

The first thing I’ll recommend is that you do not download and install any cursor apps, utilities or tools. There are a ton of them that offer fun cursors, new sound effects, etc, and they’re just about all a disaster. One word: spyware. Think about it: if you give an unknown piece of software from a third party permission to replace your cursor driver or other theme or Windows-level utility, is it any wonder that’s a prime vector for malware entering your computer and messing things up?

I watched that kind of software trash my own Dad’s old PC so badly that we finally just threw it away and bought a new one, it had crept that low into the BIOS and system. Just avoid those cursor changing apps like the plague they are!

Fortunately, I don’t see you mentioning that was a path of potential solution for you or your father. Keep it that way. 🙂

Turns out you can easily “fatten” that insertion cursor within the standard Windows 8 settings if you know how.

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This post is excerpted with permission from Dave Taylor.

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1 thought on “Make “Insert Cursor” Bigger in Windows 8”

  1. Hi Dave, I know this works in Notepad etc, but do you know how to get the same thicker text cursor in Firefox? I have a client with a visual impairment who can't see the text cursor when using Gmail in Firefox. Thanks, Frank

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