Using Pre-Installed Windows 8 Apps to Connect to Social Media


Using Pre-Installed Windows 8 Apps to Connect to Social Media

By Richard Hay for Windows Observer

There are certainly some very decent third party Twitter and some OK Facebook apps in the Windows Store that allow you to interact on the two big social media networks.

This post is not about those apps.

I wanted to explore the possibility of using the apps that come pre-installed on Windows 8 to connect to those two social media networks and those I follow and friend on them. That app is the Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging app.

That name certainly is a mouthful but in reality this single identity collects together four different apps that are closely related and that is why they are published and maintained as a single group

The first lesson in this endeavor is that power users will not be happy with the results because there are limitations in these built in apps such as no hashtag tracking, list support, global filtering, etc.

These built in options for Windows 8 are perfect for the casual to intermediate users of the two networks and their functionality will allow most to communicate and keep up to date socially quite effectively.

So let’s get started with how Windows 8 and its built in apps support social communications.

The main entry point into your social media channels is through the People App.

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This excerpt appears with permission from Windows Observer.

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