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Windows 8 to Windows 10 Tutorial – Get The Complete Index A-Z

Windows 8 to 10 Tutorial – Original Tip submitted by Jacee on November 3 2012

Best Windows 8 to Windows 10 Tutorial

Windows 10 Tutorials Quick Reference

Despite many changes, Windows 10 is a much easier program to use than Windows 8 was. It also has advantages over Windows 7. The newest version of the program is based on the familiar Windows desktop interface having a start menu, taskbar and desktop for windows.

The taskbar is one of the most important tools on your Windows PC. It is fully customizable and used together with search bar, your pinned apps, and show hidden icons fully accessible near your clock.

Should I update to Windows 10?

If you are on either Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft strongly recommends updating especially from a computer security perspective. Read more about why updating your PC applications is the best cyber security protection. Avoid Windows exploits by getting Windows 10 updates.

Complete Windows 10 Tutorial

You can find the complete Windows 10 Tutorial on

Windows 8 Tutorials Quick Reference Index

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