Month: October 2012

Is Windows 8 a ‘Catastrophe’ for Everyone?

As Microsoft moves to a software store model, similar to Apple’s iTunes or the Google Play store, for the Windows ecosystem – software developers are not happy. Is this the opportunity Linux has been looking for to steal the Operating System spotlight?

Is Satellite Internet Service a Good Option?

For many rural residents, Internet access boils down to a choice between miserably slow dial-up and satellite Internet access. Read on learn about the pros and cons of satellite internet service…

Windows 8 New Users Need Patience

Whatever method you use to become a Windows 8 user the biggest recommendation I can give you is to have patience with yourself, the OS and give Windows 8 a chance.

Add Run Command to Windows 7 Start Menu

I’m not sure why Microsoft thought it was important to remove the Run command from the Start Menu, but they did. Fortunately, they also gave us the ability to add it back to the menu easily.