Disable Autorun on your PC

By Rich Robinson for Windows Guides

Disable Autorun on your PC

Do you disable Autorun on your PC? Many viruses execute malicious code by running automatically on your PC via a thumb drive, network drive etc. If you haven’t yet disabled Autorun, I recommend you do. This guide will show you the easiest way to disable Autorun in just a few minutes and will potentially save you from getting an avoidable PC virus that takes time (or money) to clean.

Note: For those that don’t like using tools for tasks like this, there is a manual method using the registry editor or the Group Policy Editor (if your version of Windows has that feature enabled.) This is described, at length, in this Microsoft KB article: Disable autorun. At minimum, I recommend you disable on drives of unknown type and on network locations.

A simple tool for disabling autorun (see note above about manual method) is Disable Autorun.

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