Month: July 2012

Old PC Parts Become Amazing Art

We recently stumbled across some amazing artwork produced by UK based artist Susan Stockwell…one of her mediums of choice — old PC parts. Not sure how these creations have escaped our attention over the past few years – but they are still well worth sharing.

PCTechBytes: Microsoft Phone Scams Continue

microsoft phone scam continues

The caller claims to be from Microsoft and, aside from the foreign accent, will be relatively convincing. They do, afterall, know your name and number and that you’re running Windows on your computer.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – July 2012 #4

  • 10 Reasons Your PC is Slow
  • 10 Geek Squad Privacy Scandals
  • Before You Reload Windows
  • 6 Tips to Speed Up Your Wi-Fi
  • Microsoft’s New Layer of Security
  • Why Cloud Storage Scares IT
  • How to Delete Facebook Accounts
  • Is Your ISP Up to Speed?
  • PowerPoint 2013 Review
  • Hyperlink Formatting in Word
  • Corrupt Excel Sorting
  • Excel.Tips.Net: Single-Use Drop-Down List

    This list allows users to select the cell and then select from a list of pre-defined values for that cell. Once the user makes a selection and moves to a different cell, the arrow for the drop-down list disappears.