Month: June 2012

PC Pitstop Newsletter – June 2012 #4

  • What Worst Malware-Top 10
  • 30 Days to a Healthy PC
  • 5 Most Important Backup Files
  • Create a Streaming Server
  • Cloud Storage 411
  • 2 Critical Technologies
  • Newsletter Survey
  • Free Software Alternatives
  • Why Dell Isn’t Happy
  • How to Search in Windows 8
  • Add Virtual Desktops to Win7
  • How to Join a WiFi Network
  • Top 10 Malware Applications

    digging deep into windows 7 defrag

    Welcome to all PC Matic and Super Shield users. Someone asked me the other day, “How many viruses are running around out there?” That’s a great question. If you read all the press, there are millions and millions of viruses out there constantly trying to attack our computers and get our credit cards. I usually take all of those reports with a grain of salt, since the people making these reports want us to buy more of their security software. Then it occurred to me. We actually know the answer to this exact question based on the experience of our Super Shield installed base.

    Dave’s Computer Tips: 2013–The year of Microsoft

    2013 the year of microsoft

    With a sound ecosystem consisting of the Xbox platform, Windows 8, and Windows Phone platform Microsoft is on the edge of a paradigm shift. The Metro interface across multiple platforms combined with new technologies such as Smart Glass has Microsoft poised to take over the mobile marketplace in 2013.

    Windows Talk: What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

    cloud_storage need to know

    It may be time to jump on the trend of cloud storage. Sure, cloud storage may be the latest buzzword in Internet communities, but understanding what it means could help you to effectively and safely store extra files without bogging down the running speed of your PC.

    PC Pitstop Newsletter – June 2012 #3

  • Beware New Phishing Holes
  • 3 Things Before a Reinstall
  • Microsoft’s Secret Revealed
  • Link to PPT from Word/Excel
  • Import Multiple Files
  • Last Page Header & Footer
  • Brilliantly Simple Security Addon
  • Understand Your PC’s Behavior
  • Windows Repair & Recovery
  • Remove Old Google Chrome
  • Find the Missing Backup
  • Copy and Paste Characters