Windows Talk: 5 Reasons You Should Never Fix a Computer for Free

5 reasons you should never fix a pc for free

5 Reasons You Should Never Fix a Computer for Free

By Windows Talk

If you know how to fix a broken computer, people with broken computers think you’re some kind of god. Your friends and family will flock to you with their computer problems. While you love them and will gladly help them, you should never do it for free. Here are five very important reasons why.

1. You’ll Be Expected to Do It Forever

If you fix a friend’s computer for free one time, you can bet that friend will come to you every time their computer breaks for the rest of your lives. They’ll come back to you, and they won’t expect to pay anything because they didn’t have to before. If you do it once, you’re expected to do it again. If you do try to charge in the future, your friend will whine about it. Even if they pay, they’ll feel like you cheated them somehow, as unfair as that is.

2. You’ll Be Expected to Do It for Everyone

When you fix one friend or family member’s computer for free, what standards do you have for charging everyone else? If you don’t make things even across the board, someone will get their feelings hurt. You’ll be showing favoritism by doing it for free for one friend and not the next. Even if you aren’t advertising your services, you can bet your friend will tell another that if they need their computer fixed, you’ll do it for free. Don’t start a trend.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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2 thoughts on “Windows Talk: 5 Reasons You Should Never Fix a Computer for Free”

  1. robert clyburn

    i started helping my brother with his computer problems back in 96. we do it over the phone. in 16 years only 2 other people have asked for help and both were family. it doesn’t snowball for everyone and probably not most. besides, my brother and i do it as an exchange. he’s a car guy. if i have a problem with my car, i call him and he helps me fix it over the phone. kinda like the old barter system. why don’t you try doing that with these people who you help. if you need assistance with something, maybe they will help you since you helped them. odds are they will. like they say, “it’s what friends are for” so quit griping and be a friend.

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