Month: May 2012

Bob Rankin: How to Test and Fix Your Computer Hardware

How to Test and Fix Your Computer Hardware

If your computer is acting strangely, and you’ve already ruled out a virus, it might be gremlins. But more likely, a software error is being caused by a hardware component that’s flaky, damaged, or overheated. Here are some tips and tools to help you diagnose and fix those annoying or intermittent computer problems that just seem to pop up for no apparent reason… Avoiding the Five Most Common Laptop Mishaps

avoiding the 5 most common laptop mishaps

The small size and portability of a laptop computer makes it a far more convenient than a standard desktop computer, but being such, it is more vulnerable to damage than its desktop counterpart. Laptops are also generally more difficult to fix, and they tend to require more expensive, difficult-to-install parts.

Bob Rankin: Pay Microsoft $99 To Remove Crapware?

pay microsoft $99 to remove crapware

Microsoft wants you to experience the true power, speed, and elegance of Windows – and the company will only charge you $99 to do so. That’s the price of Microsoft’s new Signature service, which removes third-party crapware from your PC, and promises to boost performance. Read on to find out if it’s worth the money…

Microsoft is the Bad Guy?

You buy a PC. There is crapware all over it. Unwanted trial programs slow your brand new system to a crawl. We’re talking about the programs installed by the OEMs, you know, HP, Sony, Dell, those guys. The programs we’re talking about are the trial office and antivirus, games and photo albums. You name it and it’s there. You don’t need it and you shouldn’t want it.