Dave’s Computer Tips: Windows 8 – Have you decided yet?

will you switch to windows 8

by Jim Hillier for Daves Computer Tips

Windows 8 – Have you decided yet?

I made up my mind about the new Windows operating system even before it was released for public review, and I am on record: Windows 8 – The beginning of desktops demise? That was back in September 2011 and nothing has happened since to alter my opinion – I do not like the hybrid, mix ‘n match concept one iota. For my desktop computer I want a pure desktop operating system. If I wanted a ‘play’ device powered by a mobile operating system I’d buy myself a tablet – to me, it’s as simple as that.

Now that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview has been available for over a month, I decided to take a look around the net and garner a consensus of opinion. One thing is totally apparent, users are divided squarely into two distinct camps, those who like Windows 8 and those who abhor it – there is very little in between. I deliberately used a stronger word for the detractors because that is definitely the way it appears – those who do not like Windows 8 are expressing their views in much stronger terms, the level of vehemence and vitriol is often remarkable. One computer writer went as far as to declare that he would abandon Windows altogether and move to Linux if Microsoft did not ‘fix’ Windows 8 prior to final release – that same writer being a long time Windows aficionado.

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3 thoughts on “Dave’s Computer Tips: Windows 8 – Have you decided yet?”

  1. Don't think I want it, I don't much use a mobile device except for basic hello and good bye. Would rather keep Windows 7 till the end. I like Linux Ubuntu, seems like one of the best pnp sytems and better options than Windows. Maybe this will be a grand opening for Linux.

  2. If I’m going to have to learn to navigate a new system, I’ll learn to use an Apple. I know XP & Win 7 (that I’ve made to look like XP) backwards, and don’t want to learn a new way of getting to the same place just because microsoft want to change it.

  3. I'm going to buy win-8, in the beginning it was unusual as win-vista and win-7 but I like it more and more. this seems to be a new top for microsoft!

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