BurnWorld.com: Is ‘The Cloud’ Something We Will Be Forced To Use?

by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Without much fanfare, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) recently turned the lights off on their last remaining mainframe computer.

It’s not like they’re shutting down their whole operation; but it’s a great example of the way the traditional IT model has changed.

They still have a lot of desktop computers – probably as powerful as the room full of hardware that went dark. In addition they (and we) are using more and more mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, notebooks (soon ultrabooks) — and mobile services.

So many devices are out there, so many services, so many options, it’s tough to know:

  • what’s right for you
  • what does what it says it does
  • what does what they don’t want to mention, but does
  • who’s gonna’ last
  • A fresh example of the switch is Apple’s latest Mac OS (Mountain Lion). It didn’t slip by many folks that it shares a whole lotta’ iOS features, capabilities. Is this the end of DVD burning on OSX as a backup medium thus having to rely on the iCloud?

    It’s why Windows 8 has so many mobile computing features, capabilities and gives you a glimpse of their mobile strategy.
    These folks aren’t interested in selling you their software.

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    This excerpt is shared with permission from burnworld.com.

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    2 thoughts on “BurnWorld.com: Is ‘The Cloud’ Something We Will Be Forced To Use?”

    1. Neil hit it on the head. Cloud computing is a very bad concept. Someone else controls your data. ANYONE can view it with the proper amount of money or search warrant (even without a search warrant too).

      The US Constitution only restricts the government’s access to your data, not a company;s access to it. This is a mere workaround for any government to have full access to your data without having to go through legal procedures to obtain it.

      You have NO IDEA who is looking at your data, what they are doing with it, and how much money they are making from it at your expense.

      If you do choose cloud computing, best to get and use an encryption program that is uncracked by the governments.

      There are probably a scant few benefits of cloud computing though.
      You don’t have to worry about losing your data. It can be accessed from anywhere, any platform. No need to pay for extra energy to run equipment to store the data.

      Other’s data can be used to prosecute them to your benefit. Facebook comes to mind…

    2. I like this article, which is probably the best article I have seen for some time on the dangers of so-called cloud computing…albeit a little on the subtle side. I’m afraid though, that the message contained in this article will go over the heads of about 80% of the people that read it. Am I being mean or insulting when I say that?

      I hate the term cloud-computing with a passion. As far as I’m concerned it (cloud computing) is just another buzz-word to bamboozle the idiot masses into believing that it is something really Hi-tech, when in reality its a simple concept that has been going on for years. Sadly though, nearly every techie in the computing universe has embraced the buzzword that is now being used to sell firewalls, anti-virus software and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and….are you sick of it yet? I am! If anyone is idiot enough to store their personal data online, then they get what they deserve and they will get no love or sympathy from me…when the proverbial shit hits the fan

      Google are about as sinister as you can get, and they have never been anything otherwise. They are in bed with CIA and probably always have been from the start, its just that we never knew it. Lest not forget Google had their grubby little mits in peoples wfi data, which they freely downloaded from the famous Google car, whilst the only thing they were supposed to be taking were snapshots for Google earth and maps. Notwithstanding, they helped the communist state of China to censor its internet. People should have been up in arms…but there was nothing but silence from the computing pulpits. Shame on all of you. Google helping a communist state to keep its dirty little secrets from leaking into the outside world? The dawn raids…people dragged out of their beds never to be seen again? Organ harvesting? Who would have thought that a company who were supposed to be promoting a free and open internet were now censoring it? Ahh you never can trust these people.

      The whole concept of so-called cloud computing is being used to ‘herd’ people down a certain path. Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. Then before too long its bam! you now have to pay! We reserve the right to do this! We reserve the right to do that! And if you complain? Well you can just f**K off and take your valuable data elsewhere or well have it deleted. And that’s if you’re lucky. Just like Google…lull the people into a false sense of security so that they get used to it and then hit them with the killer blow once you have them where you want them.

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