What About Tomorrow

Wax seals and goose quills were all the rage. They were soon replaced by fountain pens and ballpoints. Then we had mice and keyboards. Now it’s touch, voice, and even gestures.

What about tomorrow?

Change is coming faster than ever before. If you think the rise of tablets and phones has been meteoric wait for the next big wave. Tomorrow, tablets, and phones will seem like parchment and quills.

It won’t be long until small communication devices are implanted in us, just because we can. They will be voice or gesture activated. It’s absolutely possible and for the most part available now. Embedded, implement enhanced, information will be the norm.

We already install pacemakers to regulate heart beat, automatic shocking devices to start a stopped heart. There are cochlear implants for hearing and lenses for our eyes. We have a multitude of devies that are being implanted already. Of course we will have implanted information devices, why not?

Judging by the size of some popular implants, they wouldn’t even have to be that small.


Have you read about Will Wonder and his Robot Ears? Yes, I know, it’s a comic. A comic that is put out by MED-EL, the industry’s technology leader in implantable hearing solutions .

Brain Pacemakers

Yes, they are used for epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and clinical depression. Fictional films like Star Trek, Brainstorm, and Manchurian Candidate, are great examples of our obsession with enhanced or altered human functionality.

Telescopic vision, hear whispers from a mile away? The Six Million Dollar Man is becoming a reality. Problem is that it looks like he’s going to cost 30 million.

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