Month: January 2012

Bob Rankin: Should You Buy Discount Ink Cartridges?


“Are discount ink cartridges a good deal? I’ve heard they can ruin your printer, void your warranty, and that the quality is lacking. Others have told me they’re great and can save you lots of money. What’s the scoop on cheap ink cartridges?”

Windows Talk: Scanner And Printer Maintenance


Scanner and printer computer maintenance can be among the most annoying of all computer maintenance tasks. Not only do you often need to get your hands dirty, but each different device requires different computer maintenance. The first step is to make sure your scanner printer is installed correctly. After that, it is now time to see a few simple things you can do to make your life easier.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – January 2012 #2

  • Rogue Infection Goes Live
  • 5 Tools to Monitor Internet Use
  • Cleaning Up a Loaner PC
  • Best Place to Edit Photos Online
  • Ideal Security Software Boost
  • Read Kindle Books on PC?
  • No Hard Disk XP Install
  • Create Your Own DVDs Guide
  • Nopa on SOPA
  • Goodbye PC BIOS
  • Recognize a Facebook Scam
  • Who Can Access Your Accounts?
  • PC Maintenance That Kills
  • 10 Awesome Chrome Add-Ons
  • Go Zen with PowerPoint
  • Print without Footnotes
  • Control Excel Printing
  • Quickly Hide Files & Folders
  • Peruse an email in OE
  • Convert Images w/ Right Click
  • “No Hard Disk” Error When Installing Windows XP

    If you are installing Windows XP after your machine has already had Windows Vista or Windows Seven, you will most likely get the “No hard disk error”. Many people still love Windows XP and just cannot get used to the newer operating systems from Microsoft.