BurnWorld.com: Online Storage vs External Hard Drives


by Rob Boirun for BurnWorld.com

Thousands of years ago the method of transferring and storing data took place in the form of stories and songs passed down from one generation to the next. Eventually we found a way to record our data in written form by hand, store the information on paper, and whose language could be taught from one person to another and the text itself could be copied by hand for others to use. In the 1400’s a man by the name of Johannes Gutenberg invented the first movable type printing press which established a method of recording and creating copies of data at a rate that had never been experienced before. Ideas printed off the Gutenberg press spread across Europe like wildfire and helped to move the human race forward to shared knowledge and overall enlightenment.

Data storage has come a long way since human kind’s early days of only storing data in memory and transferring it through song and story. The human race is at the paradigm shift of yet another method of data storage that has been a long time coming: Online storage. Being that data can be easily digitized we can now transfer it with ease from one computer’s hard drive to the next, the computer doing all the remembering and transferring for us and leaving us with only having to remember the language and how to operate a computer. Nonetheless, online storage offers a much more reliable and useful method of data storage that a hard drive does not.


Hard drives are heavy and require a decent amount of your computers resources to operate. If you have an external hard drive and wanted to bring your data with you somewhere, you would have to carry your hard drive around and risk it breaking and you losing all of your data. It is a common phrase in investing that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, and saving your life’s data on a single hard drive that is vulnerable to the elements is doing just that. See our 3 types of hard drives review.

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