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Over the years I have used just about every email client there is, some out of curiosity, but I was always searching for one that was right for me. I think the first one I used in Windows was Outlook Express, which came bundled with Internet Explorer. I tried others, like Eudora, Netscape mail (remember those names from the past?) and many others I have long forgotten about.

Now I have used Windows Live Hotmail for years. Since December 23rd, 2001, to be exact. That’s 10 years now!

While many may use Hotmail (I am here referring to the Web version, not Windows Live Mail, which is part of Windows Live Essentials and needs to be installed on your PC) not all have explored its various features and how it can be personalized to help keep you organized and efficient in handling not only your Hotmail account, but other email accounts as well.

This series will look at several different ways to customize Hotmail; Part 1 will look at automatically sorting email into folders.

Sort it!

Do you have all your email in your Inbox? Tired of searching through hundreds of emails to find that recipe or photograph your friend sent you, or an invoice for something you purchased online? Then you need to take advantage of Hotmail’s sorting feature.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from Windows Talk.

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