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  1. Most dissatisfied with your advertising and the perspective of your “image”.
    I saw a tv commercial for your company yesterday which really inspired me to send you this note/complaint.
    During the ad it was touted many times that you are a USA ONLY company etc., etc….
    Roughly a few months ago after subscribing I DID contact your ‘customer support’ line with an issue that I was having with your service (To be honest, at this point I don’t recall nor care what the issue was about).
    What did get me though, is what seemed to be CLEAR deception on YOUR part!
    Using my phone Support sounded to me like I was calling ‘New Deli’-no offence meant!
    At the onset of the call with purpose I told the rep. (whom, though ‘professionally’ handled the call was difficult to understand) that I was very computer ignorant-which is not the case!
    After much banter back and forth I tried to explain my situation . With confusing diagnostic questions the rep. skillfully “diagnosed” my situation. At the end of the call I was informed that the only resolution would require a $300.00 in home rep. visit by one of your tech support people.
    Needless to say I had dropped “AVG” to buy American AFTER seeing one of your initial TV ads.
    Obviously after the call I dropped-that is STOPPED using your service and have gone with another.
    The bottom line is that I would expect a partial refund and ALSO to inform you, that, in my opinion, your advertisement(s} are NOT truthful.
    Maybe I missed or did something wrong, but honestly I am extremely dissatisfied with P,C. Matic.
    Truly hope you will address and/or clarify this situation! Respectfuly,

    1. Robert,
      I am so sorry to hear about the confusion you experienced. Unfortunately, whomever you spoke with, was not with our company. You are not the first person who has called this version of “PC Matic”, just to be told it will cost hundreds to “fix” your PC. Let me assure you, PC Matic does not offer phone based support. For any technical issues, our customers have to go through http://www.pcmatic.com/help or email the technical support team directly at [email protected].

      To inquire about refund eligibility you may contact our support team at the link above or, as I said, you can email them directly.

      Again, I apologize for the confusion these scammers have caused.

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