Month: November 2011

Windows Talk: Setting Up a Computer Home Network


Back in the old days, setting up a computer home network was unheard of. Normal home computer users simply did not have the equipment that was needed to set up a home network. Nowadays I do not know of any household that has not got a computer and an Internet connection, however some people still feel that setting up a computer home network is still out of reach.

Bob Rankin: Can VoIP Replace Your Landline?


“I have a landline and a cell phone, so I’m thinking of dropping the landline phone in favor of VoIP phone service, to save some money. What is your opinion of VoIP, and what are the pros and cons of using it to replace a traditional landline?”

Windows Talk: Computer Maintenance For Grandmas


Whether you’re an actual grandmother or anyone else a little hesitant to do your own computer maintenance, you’ll find the following simple instructions will help keep your computer working well for years to come. 4 Tips to Make Windows 7 Boot Faster

If you’re a hobbyist that runs a home server, or even a regular computer user that wants to get things done quickly, you will know how important it is to start Windows quickly. There’s nothing worse than having to restart a server and have your visitors tolerate 3 minutes of downtime. Add another 5 minutes of slow loading times until the computer’s fully loaded. When time is money, you really can’t be wasting any of it waiting for a computer to load.