PowerPoint Tips: How to Create a PowerPoint Timeline Agenda


By Ellen Finkelstein

Olivia Mitchell, who writes the Speaking about Presenting recently wrote a blog entry, “How to do an agenda slide like Garr Reynolds.”

Note: There’s a special offer at the end of this tutorial, so read on!

Here’s the presentation, which is posted on slideshare.net. The timeline agenda is on slides 7 through 12.

Slides (in PDF) from Safari Webcast

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: japan zen)

One of the comments on the Olivia’s blog was, ““It’s easy to make an agenda slide like this.” Hmm…not so easy if you’re not a powerpoint expert. Is this available in Powerpoint, and if so, can you provide a step-by-step on how to make a slide like this?

So, Olivia asked me to write out the steps. Because this presentation was on slideshare.net, which doesn’t show animation, each step is a separate slide. You could put the entire timeline on one slide and add each component with an Appear animation. To do so, choose Slide Show> Custom Animation. (In 2007, choose the Animations tab> Custom Animation.) Select the object that you want to animate. In the task pane on the right, choose Add Effect> Entrance> Appear. (If the Appear animation is not on the list, click More Effects and you’ll find it there.)

Garr Reynolds, who writes the PresentationZen blog and wrote the book, PresentationZen, is a famous PowerPoint designer. I’m not a famous designer, although I love to design slides. Reproducing his timeline was a great exercise and I recommend copying the work of great designers, just as art students sit in a museum and copy the great masters. You’ll learn a lot about design: about the colors they use and especially about the attention they give to detail.

Here are the 6 slides in my version of the timeline.


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This excerpt is shared with permission from ellenfinkelstein.com.

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