Month: September 2011

PC Pitstop Newsletter – September 2011 #3

  • Best Tool for Working Remote
  • Hurricane Proof Your PC
  • How Much RAM Do You Need?
  • 5 Reasons to Ditch the Fax
  • Speed Up Big Excel Worksheets
  • Quick Photo Touchups
  • Windows Home Server Cont’d
  • Using Facebook Friend Lists
  • End of DVD Rentals?
  • Privacy Risks of Technology
  • Cutting Ties to Facebook
  • Email Lives On
  • No so secure SSL
  • Beware Bad Bing Ads
  • Add a Sketch to PPT
  • Tip-Clipboard Manager
  • Tip-Read It Later Add On
  • Tip-All You Typed Vanished?
  • PowerPoint Tips: 6 steps to add a sketch to a slide

    One of the techniques that Carmen Taran mentioned in her Outstanding Presentations Workshop 2011 presentation, that can help you create more authentic slides, is to hand-sketch a diagram or image on a piece of paper, scan it, and add it as an image to a presentation.

    Bob Rankin: Digital Scanners To The Rescue


    We’re buried in paper, despite all the things we have digitized. Letters, bills, receipts, and other paper documents keep piling up. Some must be kept for years as tax records. What can we do with this growing mountain of paper, besides buy another filing cabinet?