GFI Vipre: Privacy? What Privacy?

By David Kelleher for GFI Vipre

Every so often we are regaled with attention-grabbing headlines announcing the demise of the individual’s right to privacy or how Big Brother has a constant roving eye over us all, recording the minutiae of our very existence.

We grumble because we are fingerprinted at airports and we complain because our local High Street has more surveillance cameras than street furniture. We complain because our letterbox is stuffed daily with useless marketing flyers for products we are not interested in.

Gone are the days when we could go about our business without wondering if our every move is being filmed, monitored and ‘ogled’ by someone in authority. We usually blame this state of affairs on governments, officials with an unhealthy paranoia for security and the media.

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This excerpt is shared with permission from GFI Vipre.

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