Month: April 2011

PC Pitstop Newsletter – April 2011 #2

    SuperShield Video Contest
    Infected PCs Steal Millions
    A Nifty Spam Tracking Trick
    Password Security ?s Suck
    Why Outlook Express Must Die
    Get Wired Performance from WiFi
    How to Pick a New PC
    What is Spear Phishing?
    Cable Clutter in a Tethered World
    Tip 1 – How To Fix Firefox 4 Annoyances
    Tip 2 – Fast Firefox Startup
    Tip 3 – Firefox Add On For Speed Issues

Bob Rankin: Spear Phishing & Internet Security


By Bob Rankin

Spear phishing is a cybercrime technique that lures victims into revealing passwords, credit card data, and other sensitive information by masquerading as a communication from a trusted entity. The spear phishing communication – usually an email – looks very much like a familiar email format sent by your bank, Facebook, or anyone from which you’re accustomed to getting email. It may even include your name and other details which reassure you that “this is someone I know”. But beware, it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

Ask The Pros


By Steve Hogan

You can access Windows System Restore right here from the same System Properties. Click on the System Protection tab/ System Restore /Restore Files and Settings/Next/Pick a Date and follow the prompts. This is also the same area to create a new restore point or to reduce the amount of space alloted to system restore or even turn off System Restore.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with this area and you will feel much more confident in your ability to use your computer.

Department of Justice and FBI Take Down Huge Coreflood Botnet

Score one for the good guys this week as the The FBI and US Department of Justice unleash a powerful and quick take down of the “Coreflood” botnet.

Coreflood was a massive international network of more than two million infected computers; computers that were used to empty bank accounts, score sensitive corporate data and steal untold financial data. This is a huge victory as this particular botnet has been in operation for 10 years.