Chris Pirillo: Microsoft Hates You

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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16 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo: Microsoft Hates You”

  1. Hey, I liked the video, and I understood every word (unlike many American presenters, who have such wild accents, Chris spoke clearly) and he made sense. The guy with the jumpy video should maybe upgrade his system. Back to the point: of course Microsoft don’t hate you, they’re not interested enough to hate you, as long as you keep on paying. (Although, as Chris points out, maybe they do hate YOU, for personal reasons).

  2. Microsoft doesn’t hate you, it is running a business just like anyone else. If you think Microsoft is bad on pricing, try Go Daddy. For every product there are sub products that cost more money. Even if you buy a hosting package, there is still stuff to buy and the continual upsell is irritating. I respect Bob Parsons; he is a good business man with a very good product.

    I agree that there are a lot of versions of the OS but people are making it more complicated than it needs to be. Home Premium is for the consumer, Windows Professonal for OEM System Builders, and Windows Enterprise for volume licening customers. The other versions are irrelevant unless you are in a certain market that requires such versions. The only issue I see is the gap between the Home and Home Premium, but most people will be upgrading to a new computer and it will have at the least Home Premium. Unless a person can’t afford a new computer, I can’t see anyone paying for an upgrade.

    With all of this talk, Windows XP still has a strong market share (I’m using a Windows XP machine for a field tech engagement).

    Linux has it’s place, and if I were Steve Ballmer I would have already built my own Linux distro. That’s a business move that won’t happen, but it should for many reasons.

    Thanks for the mention of Linx Mint because I had forgotten about that one.

    While I love the Windows products, it doesn’t matter what is on the desktop. I’m becoming more knowledgable in linux, but I deal with a lot of Windows customers (not in troubleshooting, but in consulting).

    In the end, the consumer and business professonal should benefit from the OS wars.

  3. I think vast majority of pc users don’t know anything about linux. If they should know the advantages of linux, they wouldn’t waste their money and time with Windows at all. In my opinion for laptops the most user friendly one is UBUNTU, and for desktops may be LINUXMINT. Online you can find TENS of different linux OS and all FREE. You can download and test anyone and decide to keep or to change. You won’t lose by trying at all. You can keep the windows OS and linux in same pc, only you’ll be asked which one to boot when you start it. Good luck.

  4. Microsoft does not hate you, does the Lion hate the sheep?
    does the mugger hate his victim?
    do the Republicans hate you, no more then the slave owner hated his slaves! maybe less because if you get sick they can replace you! with slaves they owned you & would treat you because you were worth more healthy!

    1. Microsoft Windows never lost data as easily as OSX 10.7 Lion does. Apple won’t fess up to the bug, nor come out with a fix. Lost a hundred files last night because a few folders and their subfolders just disappeared.

  5. Afraid I have to agree with “EastCoast”

    That said. The issue of Microsoft creating different versions, well they don’t create different versions. Every DVD is the same, every DVD contains the full version of the OS.

    If you do not enter a CD Key when installing, it will ask you which version to install. In other words the only difference is how features, utilities, and bloat you want to keep or remove.

    I have used and tested all their so called versions of windows 7 and in all honesty it’s just a scam. The price increases for the lame added junk just isn’t worth the money, but then I personally don’t thnk and of them are worth the money.

    However if you have to have windows, then don’t waste hard earned cash on things you don’t need, and for god sakes don’t throw away an extra $100 to get a so called full install disk.

    Just get the upgrade disk of your choice. I recommend the Home premium version. Yes you can do clean installs on bare hard drives with upgrade disks.

    Needless to say the dweeb in the video grates on my nerves like few can, and I usually can’t make it through 30 seconds of his vidoes before I stop the video and go elsewhere.

  6. Microsoft does it so one license/product key will not work w/ another version of the same OS….making it much harder to change computers or upgrade used computers.
    And Microsoft HATES YOU, 🙂

  7. @William Spanner ======= Are you really eradicating the threat? Some pundits suggest removal in SAFE MODE and others claim using the windows restore feature invites problems.

    MSE and Malwarebytes seems to work for me. Never found any benefit by paying for antivirus. Generally speaking, the more threats you deal with the more proficient you become, but it can be difficult retaining that expertise unless you apply it regularly.

    I keep a few updated back up drives for my laptop, so if anything gets really hairy I just replace the drive and reformat the infected drive – or create a clone from a ready-to-plug-in drive.

  8. I recently bought a Ford F150. I had to decide between the XL, STX, XLT, FX2, Lariat, FX4, SVT Raptor, King Ranch, Platinum, Lariat Limited, and the Harley-Davidson models. Have you checked out Levi’s blue jeans lately? They’ve got 501s, 505, 510, 511 up to 599. Then there’s skinny, straight-leg, boot cut, relaxed, premium, not to mention if you want your color to be light, medium or dark, acid washed, stone washed, etc. etc. etc. Why should anyone be surprised that Windows comes in different versions?

  9. I understand that there IS NOT one antivirus or ad-aware program that will fix every virus attack, I use one pay antivirus (bit defender) and three free ad-aware programs. but after I run my antivirus and one of the ad-aware program and my pc seems to be “cleans and secure”, then I run another ad-aware program and IT finds a lot more stuff that the first programs could not find!, Could you recommend a package of security programs that will protect my pc.

  10. Or just go with Linux, its free stable and secure and runs a lot smoother and quicker than windows. windows doesnt feel as good since vista lol, that was a disaster.

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