Month: February 2011

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PC Pitstop Newsletter – February 2011 #2

  • Email is NOT Dead
  • You Must Update IE
  • Keep Your Hard Drive Alive
  • Email Scams – Alive & Phishing
  • Benefits of a Virtual Machine
  • The Interent is Crumbling
  • iPhone BBQ
  • Jeopardy, Goodbye Watson
  • Tip 1 – 9 Tips for Better File Management
  • Tip 2 – Vista Firewall Exceptions
  • Tip 3 – Best Tips from Lifehacker
  • Dodge Retort: Jeopardy, Watson go home


    Over the past three nights, I have watched Watson, the IBM supercomputer, make mince meat of the two most formidable Jeopardy players ever. The inherently unfair contest gave me the creeps and was little more than an ad for IBM.

    Chris Pirillo: Why Should You Use a Virtual Machine?


    What are the benefits of virtualization? This is a question asked over on Lockergnome Q&A recently, and I thought the answers may just benefit several of you out there. Now, we know that many of you already use virtual machines. Why not leave a GOOD comment on the video, explaining to those who don’t why it is they might want to look into doing so? See how that works? We all help each other! Remember – YOU were a n00b at one time, too!

    Bob Rankin: Hard Drive Maintenance Tips


    By Bob Rankin

    “I’ve had two hard drives die on me since the beginning of the year. Can you share some tips that will help me keep my hard drives running reliably?”

    Ask Leo: You Have to Keep IE Up to Date


    By Leo Notenboom

    In general if you don’t have or use a particular piece of software then you
    can safely ignore the updates and or vulnerability notifications that you might
    run across.

    In general.

    Internet Explorer, on the other hand, is a special case. Use it or not, you
    must keep it up to date.

    TechBite: iPhone Meets the BBQ


    By Steve Bass

    Have $100 to burn? (Gawd, I certainly don’t.) If you do, splurge on iGrill’s fancy probe. It’s another thing specially designed for Apple aficionados.