Malware Minute: Beware of Fake Kodak Galleries

More info on the fake Kodak galleries

MALWARE UNMASKED: Turn the tables on the Bad Guys

GFI Advanced Technology Group Lead Security Analyst, Brian Jack and Malware Response Manager, Dodi Glenn discuss the current threat landscape and dig deeper into some of the most dangerous and complicated threats out there.

On December 8th they will focus on SpyEye, a sophisticated malware tool kit. SpyEye raises the question; could we be seeing the beginning of another bot war?

Whether you are dealing with spear phishing or mass attacks learn how to quickly analyze malware and unmask that malware. New threats call on new technologies and techniques to protect yourself and your organization. Sign up now and turn the tables on the bad guys.

The briefings are on Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 9am and 2pm ET:

Register here for the technical, deep-dive briefing at 9am ET

Register here for the high-lever overview briefing at 2pm ET

To view the latest Malware Unmasked briefing where we unmasked the TDL3/TDSS click here.

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