Bits from Bill Pytlovany: McAfee Continues to Harm WinPatrol Users


By Bill Pytlovany

In the security industry it’s especially nice that many companies get along and often help each other. WinPatrol may not be considered competition but I still have great relationships with folks at SunBelt Software(now part of GFI Software), MalwareBytes, Kaspersky, ESET, Microsoft and even Symantec. One company who apparently has no interest in working together is McAfee now owned by Intel.

Two weeks ago McAfee changed one of their signature files and it started to tell all their customers our WinPatrol setup programs was a dangerous Trojan named Artemis!4FAE1D776481. A week ago I finally found the correct procedure to submit my file and report their “false-positive” error. I was told by an automated Email that their test was inconclusive and the file was being sent to Bangalore India for more research.

October 4th McAfee Labs – Beaverton

Current Scan Engine: Version:5400.1158

Current DAT Version:6120.0000

Upon analysis the file submitted does not appear to contain one of the 200,000 known threats in the AutoImmune database. The file may contain a new threat, or no code capable of being infected.

October 6th McAfee Labs Sample Analysis

Issue Number: 6239937 Virus Researcher: Vivekanandan C

McAfee Labs, McAfee Labs, Bangalore, India

Synopsis – File Name – wpsetup.exe

We are forwarding the inconclusive samples to our Senior Research Engineers for further review. We will get back to you once the researcher has completed the evaluation.

It’s not unusual for Anti-Virus companies to report “false positives”. This has happen a few times in the past but other companies had quick responses and were anxious to fix their errors. The same is not true with McAfee which is now owned by Intel.

This mistake by McAfee came at a time when a brand new version of WinPatrol was released and widely promoted. I can’t begin to imagine how many customers I’ve lost because McAfee wouldn’t allow them to install WinPatrol. I’m sad to say many believed McAfee and will never trust WinPatrol. This is a great insult to their users and the entire WinPatrol community. Even now hundreds of copies of the falsely identified versions are still available on websites like CNET’s

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This post is excerpted with Bill’s permission from his blog

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7 thoughts on “Bits from Bill Pytlovany: McAfee Continues to Harm WinPatrol Users”

  1. I have WinPatrol Plus and I loved it from the first moment I got it. As for Macafee, several years ago they wiped out all my emails and they were lost forever. When I complained they simply shrugged their shoulders. A company that indulges in dirty tricks against other legitimate software companies like WinPatrol belongs in the Nixon era.

  2. Any pc I have owned the put McAfee on as part of their software package was the first uninstalled as quickly and completely as I could. We grumble about Microsoft but I find McAfee the most intrusive and nasty software to deal with plus from what I’ve seen here, it doesn’t work.

  3. I uninstalled Mcafee with 10 months remaining in a 1 year term when it kept deleting the exe from Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries, with no way to white list it or tell Mcafee to stop it, and dozens of people on blogs trying to get it fixed; also a retarded false positive reporting system which would not accept a 2.5mb exe because it is too big?
    Mcafee is for mactards, who want no control over their own system and big brother telling them how they should think and work.

  4. McAfee certainly has a lot of nerve causing such stress for WinPatrol users being, in my opinion, at best a mediocre, and over-bloated, heavy resource eating anti-virus program. For years I was a McAfee user, until it seemed that all sorts of viruses were getting past them and their scans took for ever and the demands on my PC seemed over wrought. Whereas, WinPatrol has proven to be a great and useful program, protecting my startup and usefully providing info about all sorts of files which I’m quite appreciative to use whenever I’m uncertain if a particular file is harmful or not. I have been a premium user of WinPatrol for some time now.. but have happily long left the realm of McAfee.

  5. I dumped Mcafee after it allowed a virus through despite being kept fully up to date. I now use Avira and it has blocked a number of attacks. It was also the one of the elements in cleaning up after the virus together with Malwarebytes, spybot and some help from the good guys at the Spybot help forum. Now, when my company purchases a new Dell PC or laptop, the first job is to remove the Mcafee that it comes with and install Avira.

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