Month: October 2010

PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2010 #3

  • Windows 8 On the Way
  • Malware Minute-Stay Safe Online
  • Staying Connected on the Road
  • MSFT Security Essentials – Good Enough?
  • Best of Bill- Your New PC
  • What is in Your Dock?
  • 2 Cool Gadgets & a Bass Rant
  • Best Android Ever?
  • Submit Your Tips
  • Tekzilla Tip- 1 Click Fast Search
  • Tip 1 – Windows Auto Logon
  • Tip 2 – How to Calibrate Your PC Display
  • Tip 3 – How to Secure Your PC
  • TechBite: 2 Useful Gadgets & a Bass Rant


    By Steve Bass

    Commercials are loud now, louder than I can ever remember…what can you do about it?

    Worried your toddler (or for many of you, your great-grandchild) may reach up, grab your large-screen TV, and get bonked on the head? Or maybe you live in California or Nebraska (Nebraska?) and you’re frazzled thinking about earthquakes…what can you do about it?

    Windows 8 is Coming Soon

    Competition has definitely heated up with the increasing success of everything i. The ipad and its obvious tie in with mobility, the iphone and i computing is keeping Microsoft in search of some wind for it’s large but not so billowing sails, pun intended. Whether The Cloud will help push a favorable wind is yet to be determined but you can bet that MS would like to steal some wind from Apple’s soon to be released Lion operating system.

    What other ways can MS keep it’s established dominant position? Take a look.

    Chris Pirillo: What is in your Dock?


    I bet you might be running some kind of dock software on Microsoft Windows (RocketDock or ObjectDock). Either way, I’ve received a few emails from y’all asking what I have in my dock. I hate to disappoint, but there’s not much in it.

    Bob Rankin: Microsoft Security Essentials – Good Enough?


    By Bob Rankin

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a free anti-malware application first released in June, 2009. It replaces the subscription-based Windows Live OneCare antivirus service and the free Windows Defender, which only protected against spyware and adware. Does this all-in-one security tool provide enough protection? Let’s find out…

    Ask Leo: How should I stay connected while traveling?


    By Leo Notenboom

    In a recent podcast about mobile
    , I briefly reflected on some of the options available to the
    wired traveler. That podcast was, itself, an example of how I stay connected
    while traveling since it was recorded, written, and posted from my RV in a
    state park many miles from my home.

    Let’s look at it in a little more detail.

    Mobile connectivity has improved dramatically in recent years. I’ll cover the big options for the traveling internet user.