Dodge Retort: Droid X versus Droid Incredible


By John Dodge

What difference does an ounce make? When it comes to smartphones, a lot.

The Droid X made by Motorola and sold by Verizon Wireless is lot of smart phone for 200 bucks: its big 4.3 inch display is brilliant and crisp. The X’s thin design is sleek and a major improvement upon the brick-like profile of its original Motorola Droid. Verizon Wireless loaned me a review unit late last week and I’ve been putting it through its paces.

Droid X

But I give the Droid Incredible (which TDR followers know I loved) from HTC with its smaller 3.7 inch screen and profile a small edge. Given, they are both $200 Verizon smartphones with the usual two year service contract, they beg comparison.

Here’s the weigh-in: The X weighs 5.47 ounces (49 ounces less than original Motorola Droid) versus 4.59 ounces for the Incredible (versus 3.7 ounces for my aging Blackberry Curve). Watching videos on the X, my hand tired holding it up while I was horizontal on the couch.

It feels a bit bulky in my pants pocket, too. It’s 5.02 inches tall, .039 inches at it thickest point and 2.57 inches wide versus. The Incredible is a touch thicker, a touch less wide and 4.63 inches tall.

Both are both based on the Android version 2.1 operating system, but that’s where the innards’ similarities end. The X comes with a different chipset known as OMAP from Texas Instruments, long a mainstay in cell phones. And it has the Motorola application platform, whatever that is.

The Incredible phone is based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor and is a heavily Google-ized phone. Verizon Wireless calls the Incredible a “Google Experience Device (GED).” The X is a pure Android…the differences are subtle, but simply put, the GED is an Android-based phone with lots of Google apps built in.

What Does This All Mean?

John’s iPad Update

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6 thoughts on “Dodge Retort: Droid X versus Droid Incredible”

  1. Ok I bit…This “comparison” made me check the specs on Incredible vs X. Maybe the reason X is “heavier” is because its got a Bigger battery!!! 480 vs 360 minutes talk time…

  2. I could have wrote that review without seeing either phone in person! So the whole point of the article (judging from the headline) is that the X made your hand tired, so buy the Incredible??? …Ok

  3. This review has not helped me in any way what so ever, as it does not really explain which is better or which one you prefer. It makes no sense what so ever to those of us that take your word on which is a better product or what one that you would prefer to use.

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