TechBite: Free iPad Beta Testing Scam & Copy Machine ID Theft Risks

By Steve Bass

Scam Alert: Free iPad Beta Testing

BetaTestingInc is a legit-looking site (it’s safe to visit) and all it does is ask for addresses of your friends. Get enough of them to reply and you get to keep an iPad. One TechBite subscriber took a bite and I’ve been getting lots of spam because of him. This guy got nailed with a predecessor of BetaTestingInc (same scam, different name) and lots of Facebook users have been pitched with the iPad scam, so pass along the warning.

Copy Machines, an ID Theft Risk? (Yep)

You know that copy machine you use at the office, the library, the local office-services store. [This is scary. -ksk] It has a hard drive that’s storing every copy you’ve made. Watch the expose. [Thanks, Don.]

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1 thought on “TechBite: Free iPad Beta Testing Scam & Copy Machine ID Theft Risks”

  1. How not to get your nose run over by a truck:
    First try to figure out if you are the stupid one that your friends (or circle, if you have no friends) are always talking about. If you don’t understand the point of their stories, although some of the details seem somewhat familiar, even if a little distorted by their retelling, then the stories are likely to be cautionary tales with you as the bad example; this means you are the stupid one, and you are probably about to have your nose run over by a truck.
    Now, it may seem that having one’s nose run over bu a truck is a low frequency occurrence. Nothing could be father from the truth. We don’t even need to consider symbolic representations of nose/truck juncture in the form of a catastrophic event victimizing a schmuck to discover that stupid people in the presence of a society filled with technological innovations are suffering olfactory injury at an appalling rate, quite often, multiple incidents every day.
    Why is this seemingly bizarre and doubtless painful transaction largely going unnoticed? More importantly, why is such a strange event taking place at all? For the answer to these and other important questions, stay tuned to this station.

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