Dodge Retort: Droid Incredible mobile tethering a hassle


By John Dodge

I am still playing with HTC’s Droid Incredible from Verizon Wireless and like I said initially, it’s a very cool smart phone. However, the mobile broadband tethering leaves something to be desired.

After a month with the Palm Pre Plus as a free and seamless Wifi hotspot, the Incredible, based on the Android operating system, is like a mobile broadband cluster fudge. Mobile Broadband on the Incredible isn’t so incredible.

Every time the Incredible is tethered, “Mobile Broadband Connect” has to be checked off.
[I returned my Palm Pre Plus to Verizon because the Incredible offers a much more robust web experience. That said, I am waiting a bit before getting the Incredible because I have will to live with it for 12-18 months before I get my next discounted Verizon phone.]

First, you have to use the Verizon Access Manager software, which is a bit of a pain. It’s not simple like the Palm Pre, which behaves exactly like your home router.

But the bigger hassle is…

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