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Thanks for all the suggestions and unprecedented support for PC Matic.

It’s been only a couple of weeks since our last announced PC Matic update, but I told you we weren’t just sitting around. Even more improvements and additions have been made, almost before the last PC Matic Blog hit our Newsletter.

Registry Cleaning, Registry Cleaning, Registry Cleaning. You asked for it and we delivered it. PC Matic now delivers a much deeper registry cleaning. All the left over junk from program removal is now found and tossed out by PC Matic. More missing file entries and more corrupted registry entries are collected and cleared to keep you system lean and mean.

In the past registry cleaning was available only for a single user account, but now multiple users can take advantage of an even more comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

Here’s a new feature we’ve been working on for quite a while. PC Matic now removes any patch uninstaller older than 90 days. These are shown in the Control Panel/Add Remove Programs section under Show System Updates. Please note that these are the patch uninstallers and not the patches themselves. Most installed program patches come with uninstallers and these are not removed by default as new patches are added. After a time the space wasted by the uninstallers adds up. PC Matic removes these and gives you back a significant amount of space.

If you’re using PC Matic to improve your system performance you know how much your system speed is dependent on tweaking your your internet connection. If you’ve been experiencing internet connections that come and go, weak wireless connections, now you will notice a major improvement.

After using PC Matic, your system will find connections faster and maintain them. Recent improvements have changed the maximum default caches size to lower the wait time between connection searches. Not only does this speed up your connection time but it stops the false “No Wireless Available” message that’s given when actually, no connection was searched for. Now if you are using PC Matic and receive the “no connection” message, you can bet that it’s only after a complete search and not the result of a default timeout.

Several people have asked whether PC Matic deletes cookies, so let’s take a quick look. The only cookies that PC Matic removes are tracking cookies. PC Matic does not remove Log In or Log In information cookies. Using PC Matic will not remove program log in information.

It’s no surprise that many people who enjoy file sharing also use PC Matic. PC Matic is an excellent way to protect systems that are exposed to the threats associated with sharing activity. Here’s an example of a recent question we received.

Stephanie P asks: I use LimeWire on my system and PC Matic removed it. I have reinstalled LimeWire and would like it not to be removed the next time I clean my PC. Can I do that?

Yes! Programs like LimeWire leave behind files that are recognized by most users and PC Matic as high level threats. However, if you want to allow this information to stay on your system, PC Matic can do that. You need only to add your file sharing program entries to the PC Matic White List.

The White List tells PC Matic what NOT TO REMOVE. Here’s how. After you run a scan and before you click FixAll, click on the red rectangle on the results page under the Security section to look for high-level threats. Find the LimeWire process ( or any high level threat for that matter) and add it to the White List. You can do this for any item you want keep on your system.

That’s it for this installment. Remember these features are already added and just using your program gives you the benefits immediately. That’s the beauty of cloud computing. Enjoy the improvements and thanks for your overwhelming support.

Thanks for you help in developing this extraordinary tool.

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10 thoughts on “The PC Matic Blog”

  1. Since I loaded PC Matic,I have it run every night and wake up to a “new” machine. It is the best utility I have every had.
    Can’t seem to get better than top 37%, which would be improvement AFTER PC Matric on the first run took me from 67% to 37%. Now for 2 months stuck at 37% but then I do have Vista; thinking about going to Windows 7 if Best Buys doesn’t charge too much—with Microsoft I would not dare do it myself. MS won’t even update itself.

  2. Hey Ted…
    I asked the same question about upgrading and received:

    Thank you for contacting PC Pitstop Customer Service.

    The program is installed on our servers eliminating the need for user updates, as each time you run our programs it will be the most up to date version and definations update as PC Matic performs each scan.

    Let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Vince McDaid
    Technical Support
    PC Pitstop LLC

  3. The file downloadable is (still) version, dated 24 February, almost a full month earlier than the above blog article. This does not seem to gibe with the presentation of “new” features… (I know, gripe, gripe)

  4. I know the ‘whole thing’ , the attraction, about PC Matic is the “matic”, i.e. one click automatic fixes, but I would like to have fine control. I suppose that means optionally taking the matic out of PC Matic, even to the point of the user being able to select only one item out of many. Perhaps I am missing something, and can do that already?

  5. Suddenly, when I do a scan it will not complete and I get:

    “Error number: 2146828212 Path not found”


    “File: runTestLogic.js
    Line 156
    Error:current Test the TestList is null or not an object.”

    As a subscription owner I want to know what I can do about it. Each time I try to do a scan it gives the above errors and goes back to the start again.

  6. Hey Paul.

    If you are using DriverAlert 2 and PC Matic there should be no difference in the drivers being suggested. The only exception would be a time lag on updating the two data bases. If you are seeing differences please fill out a ticket in our Customer Service Help Desk so we can see what’s taking place.

    If you are seeing a difference in the drivers suggested by DriverAlert (not DriverAlert 2) and PC Matic that is because DriverAlert has a completely different driver database. This is because the database for DriverAlert does not require an auto installer.

    If what you are seeing is a differenece between what OverDrive is recommending compared to PC Matic the reason is that OverDrive will recommend all drivers that are available for the detected hardware, whereas PC Matic can only use drivers that have been packaged in an auto-install format. Unfortunately there is some lag time between when the drivers are detected and entered into our database and when they are re-packaged into a format that can be used by PC Matic.

    This is an ongoing process and the drivers in your OverDrive scan will eventually become available for automatic installation by PC Matic.

    Thank you for the question

  7. Hi,
    I was wondering why PC Matic would pick up 2 driver updates that PC Pitstop’s Driver Alert 2 did not, when the latter is not exactly an old/out of date program?

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