Month: March 2010

PC Pitstop Newsletter – March 2010 #2

    PC Matic Update
    Avoid Windows Security Updates?
    5 Ways You Can Improve Windows 7
    Facebook Kids Getting Younger
    Spring Cleaning for Keyboards
    Internet Explorer 9 Preview
    Keep Your Laptop Data Secure
    Why Are Laptop Touchpads Bad?
    Tekzilla – Optimize Firefox Readibility
    Tip 1 – Get Classic Startup Back
    Tip 2 – Run XP Mode on Windows 7
    Tip 3 – TutCity Free Tutorials

Tekzilla Tip: Optimize Firefox for Readability


Customize websites to be easy to view

Get rid of that wasted space on websites when viewing on your widescreen monitor! As Veronica shows you on today’s Tekzilla Daily, with the help of a nifty add-on called NoSquint, your browser can be optimized for any website on the ‘net, and Veronica tells you more on today’s Tekzilla Daily.

Smart Planet: Why Are Laptop Touchpads So Bad?


By John Dodge

Does this happen to you? You want to go from point A to B on your laptop display and your touchpad mouse pointer randomly darts across the screen leaving a trail of unwanted open windows and applications. It’s like I am in Miami today and want to head for a spring training game in Fort Myers (I am) and inexplicably end up in Jacksonville.

Chris Pirillo Video: Should You Apply New Security Updates for Windows?


By Chris Pirillo

Software is constantly evolving and changing. That’s a good thing, honestly. There are always new and better features being added, along with important security updates in some cases. David from the PC PitStop community asked about Microsoft Updates. He’s wondering if they’re really necessary, since it takes him so long to download them on his DSL.

TechBite: Keyboard Spring Cleaning


By Steve Bass

My keyboard’s always catching junk — dust, bread crumbs, and unidentifiable schmutz. I know for a fact that a clean keyboard lets me type faster and more intelligently, and more important, lets me finish this newsletter more quickly.

Technologizer: Revamped IE 9 Platform


By Harry McCracken

What’s Microsoft planning for Internet Explorer 9? There’s a lot the company isn’t ready to talk about, including what sort of new features it’ll have and when it’ll be available. But at the MIX10 conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft is telling Web developers about the new capabilities that IE9 will provide, and it’s giving them the ability to get some hands-on experience with them for the first time. (Along with other tech journalists, I was prebriefed late last week.)

Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Little Kids on Facebook

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

The first time I saw my 12 year old grand daughter on Facebook I wasn’t really concerned until I saw that her birthday implied that she was 18 years old.  Thankfully, she wasn’t trying to misrepresent herself. She just knew that Facebook users under 18 have a different experience. It turns out correcting her birth year back to 1996 was a safer experience.

BitDefender Quarantines Itself/Kills Windows

OOPPPs! After a flood of users clogged their forums, BitDefender issued a statement describing a recent update gone wrong.

It seems BitDefender was quarantining itself and killing Windows 64 bit systems at a record breaking pace.

Suicide is never the answer.

5 Ways To Improve Windows7

It’s no secret that I love Windows7. I started using it with the beta version, moved to RC 1, and then purchased the Windows 7 Pro version as soon as it was available.

But as much as I love it, there are a couple of things that I think are missing and a couple of things that can be improved. Listed below are the things I add as soon as I install the program. I know they’re not the only things available, but they are the things I must have to feel comfortable using Windows 7.