Ask Leo: Where is Windows Mail & Outlook Express in Windows 7?


By Leo Notenboom

I did not realize Windows Mail is not included in Windows 7 Professional. Is there a way to add Windows mail?

It’s true – Outlook Express was replaced by Windows Mail in Windows Vista, but with the release of Windows 7 even that has disappeared, along with Windows Messenger and a few other items.

To be honest, that’s good news for those of us who never used these tools.

But for those who did, it means an extra step or three.

The official replacements are all now part of Windows Live. For Windows Mail, you can now download its replacement, the free Windows Live Mail. Miss your Windows Messenger? Grab Windows Live Messenger.

“The official replacements are all now part of Windows Live.”Microsoft has an page specifically directing you to the replacement applications: Finding your applications in Windows 7 .

So the replacements are there; Microsoft has simply removed the years of duplication by making Windows Live
the official, single set of tools you can download and use if you like.

The problem, of course, is migration. The Microsoft page above indicates that you can Import directly from Outlook Express and Windows Mail folders stored on your hard disk. I’ve also seen advice to actually download and convert to Windows Live Mail before upgrading or installing Windows 7. (There’s even one hack out there that supposedly allows you to copy the Windows Mail executable from your Windows Vista system, but I don’t recommend it.)

Full list of applications “replaced” by downloads from Windows Live

[This post is excerpted with Leo’s permission from his Ask Leo blog.]

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5 thoughts on “Ask Leo: Where is Windows Mail & Outlook Express in Windows 7?”

  1. Leo, I have a question that doesn’t relate to Windows per se at all. I have an HP Computer. Back in January I got a message from HP informing me of a problem Intel was having with their motherboard and that my PC was perhaps one of those in question. In checking my PC’s serial number, I determined that I did in fact have one of these affected computers. At HP’s instructions, I sent the PC back to HP and they swapped out the motherboard. Everything now works fine. My problem is that I keep getting these “advice messages” from HP Tech support telling me about this problem and I Can’t get them to stop. I get an Alert message about every 4 days, and even though there’s a box that says: Click here to no longer receive this message”. Nothing helps and it keeps showing up. I have sent 3 or 4 feedback messages to HP Tech Support, and nothing has happened. I still get these alerts. Do you have any suggestion as to how I can stop these from coming. Thanks for listening to my tale of woe. Steve Solot

  2. Stephen Stryhalaleck

    Just to clarify, Microsoft actually removed Mail, and Messenger from the OS starting with 7, so that these products did not hold up the OS release process. The same was also true for Movie Maker.

  3. Guess what comes now with Win Live in the Bundle. Its Outlook, WOW !!!!! I will tell you it was not available 3 months ago

  4. “I’ve also seen advice to actually download and convert to Windows Live Mail before upgrading or installing Windows 7.”

    Yes. It was offered to XP users Tues 02-09 with the regular monthly updates and patches.

  5. I found it rather painless… because I used Windows Easy Transfer. I used this to “automatically” move my files to an external hard drive.. then ran it again (from the external hard drive) afer the install of Windows 7… and was totally surprised that when I then loaded Windows Live Mail… all my email folders, contacts, etc. where there… ready to use. I did have to go through all my contacts and tweek them a little with correct names, primary email addresses, etc., but this took no time at all to perform… as a side note, all my other documents, music files, pictures, etc. fell into place just perfectly… hope other folks are as happy with their migration to Windows 7 as I was.

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