Technology 2010 – The Clouds and Beyond


Windows 7, Netbooks and Cloud Computing were all hugely popular technologies in 2009. These made for an extremely interesting year of writing and yet already my greedy mind is turning to see what’s next on the tech front.

I’m ready for sun glasses that phone, do Internet, and play movies. I know they”ll be here soon.


Computing in the Clouds is expected to continue its rapid growth. Already, it is the big player for Smart Phone applications and has planted a solid foot in the future of all areas of computing. Do you have any doubts that Cloud computing is here and is taking over? If so, do a quick Google Search on Cloud computing. Or you can just sit at your TV and watch the ads that are aimed at you from IBM.

It’s here and it’s getting bigger fast. Expectations for browser based operating systems and Microsoft Windows 7 “Live” applications leave no doubt that Cloud computing is the way of the future.


Apple has always been good at giving us cutting edge technology. iPods, iPhones, iBooks, have all been benchmarks for tech creators. So what can we expect this year? iTablets! From what I’m reading iTablets are going to be the trend setters for 2010. Larger than Smart Phones but smaller than netbooks, I’m betting they’ll make it on the scene in 2010 and I’m betting everyone will be clamoring to keep pace. A 7″ screen with phone capabilities and lots of apps would be nice at around $600.00, and a 10 inch that runs Snow Leppard at around $800.00 would complete the iLineUp.

Yes, I know Apple has not confirmed their existence but anyone with a quest for fun has to believe they are coming. I’ve always looked at Apple as the Santa of Technology. If you believe, Apple will show up with toys. Happy little elves hammering out shiny tech toys.


Look for the good things to continue in 2010 with new offerings from the likes of Android, Acer, iPhone and HTC. These are the names I’m seeing most in the news for Smart Phones. The You Tube video I found gives a good view of the contenders. Turn down your sound to avoid the irritating digital noise. I’ve owned the Blackberry, Blackberry Pearl, Droid, iPhone, and the HTC Eris , all within the last few of months. I thoroughly enjoyed the Droid’s tethering option for Internet and also it’s Google Maps for my recent 1,145 mile road trip to Kentucky.

Looking for a way to show friends your latest clips without eveyone crowding around a 3″ screen? Grab an LG expo w/projector. See it in action thanks to PC Mag.

I think we can also expect to see more from Adobe Flash this year on the phone front. Adobe has already announced that the full version of Flash Player 10 will be available on smart phones using Windows Mobile, Google’s Android, Nokia S60/Symbian, and the new Palm operating systems. iPhones are not included on this list.


You can expect no major improvements in battery technology for 2010. As much as it’s needed I don’t see anything major scheduled to extend our mobile time. I’m sure there will be efforts to reduce power consumption in portables, but I don’t see anything for the immediate future. Fuel Cells? Maybe someday but not this coming year. Nuclear batteries the size of pennies or human hairs? Absolutely but not next June. Just keep those portables in powersaver mode and dim those displays.


While technology is progressing faster than we can follow, there are some things that could use a little fine tuning. I’m sure the video below is exposing just a minor coding flaw that was somehow overlooked during beta testing. We all understand how this can happen.

I’m pretty sure there will be plenty to laugh about in 2010. Enjoy the coming year folks and be sure to stay off the beach and out of the sun until those pesky coders fix this software.

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7 thoughts on “Technology 2010 – The Clouds and Beyond”

  1. “I thoroughly enjoyed the Droid’s tethering option for Internet”

    Wow, must not be the same Droid I have, because there is no tethering as of yet.

  2. Claudio Finotello

    Where are the Samsung´s mobiles??? Omnia2 and the HD in my opinion they are better than some that you show in your choice.

  3. There were a few typos in the article so maybe a better spelling and grammar checker should be on your wish list.

    Happy 2010!

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