Windows 7 is going to be the biggest product launch since Gillette Foamy and Aunt Jemima pancakes. I hope you’ve lined up a baby sitter and are taking the day off. Expect to see women in large hats and men dressed for speed as they rush to retailers for their copy.

All joking aside I’m including the links below to help make your transition an easy one.

Compatibility tests, added features, tweak guides, it’s all in TechTalk.

Please enjoy, and be sure to add comments, question, and suggestions to the Live Event. We will be monitoring and answering in real time.


WINDOWS 7… 32 Bit or 64 Bit?

Dual Boot Windows 7

9 Necessary Links For Windows 7

Windows 7 Tweak Guide

Windows 7 Tweaks and Tips

Windows 7 Readiness Test and Requirements

Windows 7 Takes The Test

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  1. Hello Jim.

    I’m not a fan of upgrading just to upgrade. I stayed with XP when Vista was released and only used Vista when required by my job. I was not a fan of Vista.

    Windows 7 is such an improvement over Vista that I would say YES, you really need Windows 7. It works the way Vista should have. Also some of the features are especially nice. I won’t go over them all here but I’m enjoying the XP Mode and Virtual PC.

    I started using Windows 7 when the first Beta was released months ago and purchased the Windows 7 Pro version the day it was released.

  2. I’ve been an XP supporter since I purchased my last computer and simply love it. When I upgraded through Dell I received Vista and it hasn’t lived up to my expectations.

    Do I really need Windows 7 to survive in today’s world? I’ve been a loyal fan of your website since I found it many years ago. I trust your guys and what they write and discuss.

    My questions is a simple one….do I need to purcase Windows 7 or will my Vista Premium Home edition do the job in the years to come?

    I’ll be waiting on your answer.


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