YouTube .. The BurgerKing of Media


Serving over 1 Billion daily, I’d say YouTube founders Chad and Steve were correct in their self coronation. Their original goal was to create a place where anyone with a video camera, a computer and an internet connection could share their video content with the world.

Besides recognizing the need, their success can be attributed to adhearing to a simple rule that videos should load and play quickly.

“Looking back at those early days, we were committed to some basic principles that have since become fundamental tenets in the world of online video:

•Speed matters: Videos should load and play back quickly.

•Clip culture is here to stay: Short clips are voraciously consumed and perfect for watching a wide variety of content.

•Open platforms open up possibility: Content creation isn’t our business; it’s yours. We wanted to create a place where anyone with a video camera, a computer, and an Internet connection could share their life, art, and voice with the world, and in many cases make a living from doing so.”

Here’s the link to their complete blog: , and a link to the coronation
3 years ago.

Here’s a fun Clip: Eating A Finger Huge dog eats live baby.

The most my creative juces came up with that year was eating a Whopper.


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2 thoughts on “YouTube .. The BurgerKing of Media”

  1. I feel for the snake :[ really craving that finger and just not being able to swallow it. times are tough for all of us I guess.

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