Month: October 2009

Wall Street Journal: Mossberg’s Fall PC Buying Guide


Wall Street Journal computer guru Walt Mossberg has released his annual Fall Computer Buying Guide.

Mossberg says:

“Consumers shopping for new computers this fall have a wide variety of choices with the new operating systems pre-installed, making the machines faster and better. Windows PCs are no longer burdened with the disliked Vista OS”.

“That’s the good news. The bad news is that the Windows hardware makers and retailers generally are trying to nudge you to spend more. They are anxious to guide consumers away from the popular, but low-profit, stripped-down netbooks to somewhat larger Windows 7 laptops from which they can make more money. This larger-size category goes by a variety of names, which can be confusing”.

See what exactly Mossberg recommends here.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – October 2009 #2

    Bits from Bill: Should You Upgrade to Windows 7 Now?
    Windows 7 – The Faster Version
    The Dodge Retort: Hopeful for Windows 7, But…
    Chris Pirillo: Windows 7 Security
    Ask Leo: My PC was Stolen, What Now?
    TechBite: 5 Tools to Tickle Your PCs Fancy
    Technologizer: Worst PC in America Slideshow
    Tip #1: Admin at Welcome screen
    Tip #2: Get Back the Classic Taskbar
    Tip #3: Install Windows Backup on XP
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

Technologizer: Worst PC in America Slideshow


By Harry McCracken

Some PCs are born crummy. Some achieve crumminess. And some have crumminess thrust upon them. Those are my conclusions after judging our Worst PC in America contest, in which we asked you to tell us about really rotten personal computers–with the lure of a snazzy HP Envy 13 laptop to be awarded to the most outstandingly awful entry. Herewith, some highlights lowlights, including both once-decent machines that have fallen upon hard times and some systems that were kind of terrible and/or just plain odd from the get go.

Bits from Bill Pytlovany: Should You Upgrade to Windows 7?

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Are you wondering if you should upgrade to Microsoft Windows 7? Yesterday on Facebook I heard from an old friend who asked a question I expect I’ll hear a lot this year.

As a Microsoft MVP award winner I’m under no obligation to promote Microsoft products. If you’ve read my blog before you know I haven’t been a fan of Windows Vista. Contrary to advice from Microsoft, I also recommend waiting 7-10 days before installing Windows updates. My answer to my old friend…

Ask Leo: Your computer was stolen. What should you do?


By Leo Notenboom

My computer was stolen. It’s password protected, what files can the thieves see?

A reader asks: “My mid-tower computer was recently stolen in
a burglary. The Windows Vista home ultimate system was
password protected at start-up. What files can be accessed
by those trying to enter the system?”

It’ll take a computer savvy thief about 5 minutes to gain
access to everything on your computer.

Chris Pirillo Video: Windows 7 Security


Chris invites you to eavesdrop on a call with his assistant, Kat. She’s been a Microsoft MVP in the area of Windows Security for over four years now, and has been considered an Expert in the malware removal community for about seven years. They talked a bit about the security side of Windows 7, and her take on the new operating system in general.



Why won’t my Outlook close? CLOSE dang it.

Click It.. [X] .. CLICK… CLICK IT….CLICK IT. I get so tired of this, why can’t I just close my program and be done with it? What the heck is holding things up?


Windows 7 Launch Event in NYC


Replay now available of today’s Microsoft’s Windows 7 Launch Event in New York City. Coverage provided by our good friend Bill Pytlovany – LIVE on the scene, with additional commentary by PC Pitstop’s Pit Crew.