Chris Pirillo Video: How Much Memory Windows Need?

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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14 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Video: How Much Memory Windows Need?”

  1. Love the videos you do. Forget those who complain about this or that when you do them. Keep doing these and let all of us who enjoy them, give you feedback that you, Chris, can enjoy. I have used several of your tips to help fix annoyingly slow pc’s and have been pleasantly surprised on the outcomes. As far as those complainers go, they all must have perfect computers to play games on. Me, I use mine for all the other important things, and I do appreciate your work. Keep it going.

  2. I really enjoy your videos. It is nice to see someone with a little personality for a change. Why do geeks always think they have to suck the fun, and life out of everything?

    I have watched several of your videos now and I have been amazed at the negativity of the comments made. The comments aren’t helpful, their just down right rude and unnecessary. So I just wanted to let you know not all your viewers are such stick in the muds.

    So, keep up the good work, and don’t worry if not everyone appreciates your efforts, maybe they need more coffee, or a vacation, or maybe they just need to take their negativity elsewhere. Their poor manners are more a reflection on them, then on your work. Maybe if we ignore them they will just go away.

    I look forward to watching new videos, until then. . .

  3. To reply to one’s own post is almost certainly naughty. I would say that sometimes – even usually – it is quite OK to neglect the figures or specs.

    As long as one’s chosen machine seems fast enough for one’s needs … well, it almost certainly is.


  4. Hiyya y’all (he says in an posh English accent!),

    Quite simply, buy the most amount of RAM you can afford. RAM is cheap, especially when bought with a new PC and at the time or original purchase.

    With a 32 bit operating system, there’s no point in having more than 4.294967296 GB (4 GB in practice). A 32 bit operating system cannot address more than 2^32 (or 4294967296) areas of memory.

    With a 64 bit OS the World is nigh on your lobster. ;-/

    More seriously, some time ago I noticed an advert in a magazine for a PC with a 32 bit OS with 8 MB of RAM. Acting thus is fraudulent, IMO.

    James (from the country where humour is considered to be better than that of Chris Pirillo).

  5. In the spirit of being content constructive, I’m guessing your inner voice has ADHD tendencies. 10% is good general info but the remaining 90% is a bit too much for some to handle (to the point of distracting rather than attracting). Solution: Turn down the ramble and throw it into reverse; 90% good info and 10% rambling. Chanel your creative impulses into other avenues.

  6. Seeing if you need more memory in XP or Vista is easy. Open a few programs that you usually run, open task manager by pressing ctrl+shift+esc or ctrl+alt+del, click the performance tab, and if the number listed under commit charge total is higher (more) than the number listed under physical memory total you need more RAM because your computer is relying too much on virtual memory (page/swap file) on the hard drive.

  7. I agree with Simon Sheppard.

    I wanted an answer, not a “sit-down” comedy skit. Chris Pirillo should stick to the facts.

  8. This guy is annoying. He should leave the jokes to someone who can pull them off. Stop waffling and just give as the gen!!!

  9. chris

    where can i find the real lookin hand censor
    I had it on xp but ihave vista now but can’t find the download please help me thanks

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