Chris Pirillo Video: When Your Motherboard Dies…

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Chris Pirillo is the founder of the tech blogging network, Lockergnome and previously served as host of TechTV’s Call for Help show. Chris’s insightful and entertaining how to videos will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

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22 thoughts on “Chris Pirillo Video: When Your Motherboard Dies…”

  1. This was a waste of time and i only got thru half the video, we come to pcpitstop for helpful advise this guy nearly put me to sleep and i for got what i was here for.

  2. I think Chris just needs a Comic Relief Sidekick … so he doesn’t have to shoulder the whole comedic load himself and maybe even to keep him in touch with reality. Yeah, and Chris is not too good at wry humor — a little forced and disorganized. My old highschool english teacher used to say, “You can try to make your report funny if you want, but if I don’t think its funny, you get a ‘C'” …

  3. IF the motherboard has died ‘a death’ then you have other problems to consider. Your computer’s ‘fingerprint/signature’ is based off that motherboard as a key component. IF you have an old system, good luck finding an exact replacement because you will need it. Your OS requires that SAME motherboard to operate the same as it did before. IF you’re forced to use a different motherboard you will HAVE to reinstall your OS (meaning everything on your HHD is now gone, including those programs you don’t have CD/DVD’s for and your downloaded email messages that contain your key for your downloaded programs).

    SUGGESTION: If you really don’t plan on upgrading for a very long time, get extra key component parts, like the motherboard, as a backup replacement. Catch them on sale as they start to become obsolete. And for heaven’s sake — BACKUP everything on a regular basis.

  4. Chris, since the person who submitted this question cannot use his notebook, he will not be able to see your video with your answer. I hope you sent him a written response as well. You may do that as a matter of course anyway.

  5. 09 August, 2009

    I thought this video was a waste of time.
    1. I could not understand a word this guy said.
    2.A lot of us guys that get the news letter are
    beginners and need some clear plain language for
    us to understand some of these things.

    Thanks for Trying anyway.
    Robert N TN

  6. Chris … take heed. You came to PC Pitstop a relatively short time ago. If you want to stay on the masthead as a guest contributor you need to tailor your presentations to THIS audience, not the people who follow you on your webcast. That means a more professional presentation and not a recycled “live” performance.

  7. I have to agree with what I am reading. This was the most useless video I have seen in a long time.

    After watching a couple of videos by Chris I started to notice a couple of things. One is that everything has to be exagerated in some way as he says it. He never just says anything in a normal professional manner. You can either add to a video or destroy a video all in the way you act and you need to be in the middle not monotone or you bore your audiance and not as we see in Chris’s videos.

    He also thinks everything he says needs to be funny. This isn’t a comedy act it’s a tech video. Nothing wrong with humor here and there but everything doesn’t need to be a joke or spoken in a humorous manner because it gets old.

    It also takes him an eternity to spill the beans. Seriously it took 5 and a half minutes to say nothing at all in this video. Even when he gives real information it takes so long to get to the point you never want to sit through another one of his videos.

  8. motherboards do go bad. usually dirt build up causes the cpu to overheat and that in turn can inflate the power capacitors like balloons or cause them to leak.

    If its dead after a few years this is probably why. you can also check the cmos batter. Sometimes its just a broken usb port shorting out, try disconnecting everything and using just the basics (board, cpu and graphics card and one stick of ram)

    loads of things to check and lots of things that can go wrong, more than ive got time to list.

    As for upgrading a dell xps? Why not? Its not a waste of time as long as you know what your doing.


  9. Y’know a lot of “bad” motherboards are the little battery that powers the BIOS.

    That is certainly something to check. I know very little about laptops, but I was recently given an old IBM Thinkpad whose display wouldn’t come on. I connected it to a separate monitor and found out that the cmos battery was bad. I found an owners’ manual online at their support site and found out where the battery was located and what kind it was. Then I replaced the battery. The laptop booted right up without any problem. A $4 battery – that’s all the problem was.

  10. That’s funny. I used to watch “Call for help” all of the time and Leo Laporte was the host. I remember Chris being on the show sometimes but when was he ever the host? What a joke.

  11. Y’know a lot of “bad” motherboards are the little battery that powers the BIOS.

    Anyway, TWOT (Total Waste OF Time) and what a waste of video. The real Chis Prillo was a sharp, helpful guy. I don’t recognize this imposter.

  12. Did PCP actually review this?
    What a disappointment. Thanks for wasting 5:33mins of my time.

    If an item is intended to be comedic, please give a warning.

  13. Total dribble. Has he tried the function key for the display? Has he tried hooking up a monitor to the laptop?
    Pitstop has always been very informative, so what is this , the lighter side of The Pit?
    Has Chris thought about firing his joke writer. Think about it.

  14. Since the guy apparently didn’t say if they could boot their computer, what operating system was being used or even if he could reach this person to ask further questions this video was a waste of my time also.

  15. Hey Chris:

    Stumbled upon your video and have a question related to replacing motherboards. I have an old (2003) Dell XPS P4 that still runs well. I’m thinking about replacing the motherboard and processor before windows 7 is released. I’m doing this cause all the other hardware works fine, and I see no need to replace the case et al. Any suggestions on where I can look to find a board that would fit in the case and come close to matching the layout (PC slots, etc) of the current board? I’m at the office now so I can’t think of my current boards manufacturer (might be BioStar).

    Any suggestions are appreciated.

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