TechBite: 7 Tools to Make Firefox Shine


By Steve Bass

Here are a few of the cooler Firefox add-ons I’m using. Give them a whirl and let me know what you think.

1. AutoPager does the clicking for you and automatically scrolls through those annoying multiple-page sites–way convenient.


2. If you’re an advanced user with lots of extensions, you’ll definitely want to install MR Tech Toolkit; it’s the tool for installing and managing extensions, add-ons and themes.

mr tech

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5 thoughts on “TechBite: 7 Tools to Make Firefox Shine”

  1. Is a separate issue here OK ? If so, I need help with making Firefox not freeze. It works fine on the laptop, but the desktop will no longer handle it. Safari is fine.


  2. I would like to add that I totally agree with Dave’s comments above. PC Pitstop used to be a great site, now it has way too much jargon and gobbledygook. What exactly is going on when an article is re-published from 20 July 2009;not enough interesting things happening right now? Perhaps you are more interested in pushing your “bettter than anyone else’s” superdooper all singing all dancing fix anything program?

  3. One of my favorite extensions is IE Tab. Got a site that wants IE ONLY! Ugly, I hates them. But I hate even more having to open IE when I’m in the middle of a Firefox session.
    So I switch the Rendering Engine and have IE within my FF tabs!
    When that tab is switched to IE, it is using IE Cookies file, and it’s printer drivers.
    You must have IE on the computer for this to work, but at least you are not always opening IE just to deal with a stoopid website.

  4. Do you really realize how much jargon you use and how much your vocabulary does not communicate anything?

    i am canceling future e-mails, as most of what I get is jiberish.


  5. try TidyRead. along w/autopager it makes reading long articles a pleasure. works w/almost any site, clears out distractions and fits the page to your screen, no more scrolling back and forth. well worth checking out.

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