Month: July 2009

Free Software – July 2009 Update

In the third official edition of the PC Pitstop Free Software Report I wanted to respond to request made by several readers in their comments; more 64 bit compatible freeware. Well let me start off by saying that that will definitely be a hefty task considering the fact that finding true quality free software for the 64 bit system is extremely difficult. However 64 bit compatible freeware is definitely out there, and if you guys have some favorites you are currently using feel free to suggest them because PC Pitstop, as well as the other readers, definitely value your opinions.

Windows 7 RTM Announcement.


Received first thing this morning in my email is the latest announcement from Microsoft on the Windows 7 Release To Manufacturers. Microsoft says they are packing up copies and manufacturers are putting it on new PC’s as we surf. Final shipping product is still on track for consumer availability on October 22, 2009.

PC Pitstop Newsletter – July 2009 #2

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Top Loved Custom Desktops
Top Loved Commercial Desktops
Top Loved Notebook
Google Chrome OS
Chris Pirillo Video: XP SP3 Problems
Bits from Bill: We Have Your Password
Technologizer: Office 2010
TechBite: 7 Tools for Firefox
The Dodge Retort: United Airlines Breaks Guitars
Tip #1: Runtime Error Codes
Tip #2: Extract Media from PPT
Tip #3: Virtual Online PC
Tip #4: XP Backup Utility in Vista
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We are living in amazing times. The world is changing at an incredible rate. Check out this video called “Did You Know?“. The point behind the video is that the world is changing very quickly. Indeed. Where it all ends, nobody knows. But let’s take a look at one aspect – the internet.

Top Loved Commercial Desktops

Loved Desktops

It appears Dell is doing something right when it comes to providing users with desktop computers. It was quite interesting and I was more than a little surprised to see Dell sweep the top ten positions in the PC Pitstop Satisfaction Rankings for Commercial Desktop PCs as of July 2009. The rankings are based solely on user feedback describing their experience with their systems.

Top Loved Custom Desktops

Custom Desktops

As PC Pitstop began collating the user satisfaction feedback for desktop systems, it became evident that there was a significant number of custom built Desktop systems. Based on system information we were able to segregate these custom built systems into a separate satisfaction report. From this we were able to tabulate what motherboards were in the most loved systems. It is interesting to note that 4 out of the top 10 best loved motherboards are AMD boards.

Technologizer: Office 2010 ‘The First Look’


By Harry McCracken

Microsoft is starting to let folks in on the Webbiest, most collaborative Office ever. But it’s not all there yet.

Today at its Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans, Microsoft is announcing that it’s distributing a Technical Preview version of its upcoming Office 2010 suite to tens of thousands of testers. It won’t be a public beta that’s open to everyone who wants a sneak peek; that will come later this year, and the final version of Office 2010 isn’t due until some time during the first half of next year. But for the first time since it demoed some features last October, Microsoft is showing off the new Office and providing more information about its plans. And it’s briefed reporters and provided them with early access to the Technical Preview (including me).

Top Loved Notebooks


These are exciting times in the world of computing, and portables are seeing all the action. One thing that is becoming obvious is that the line between netbook and notebook is starting to blur. Netbooks are becoming more powerful and Notebooks are becoming lighter, and longer lasting. Shown below are your picks for Most Loved Notebooks. Keep in mind that Netbooks have been filtered out of these results and were the category we used to kick off the Most Loved series. You can find those results in the previous July Newsletter or by looking for previous articles in TechTalk.

Chris Pirillo Video: Having Problems with Win XP SP3


Sometimes, it’s easy to upgrade to the latest and greatest version of a piece of software. Other times, you may have a lot of trouble. That’s the fun of working with software. Microsoft rolls up a whole bunch of patches and bug fixes, and throw them out there. Those are called service packs, of course. Windows XP is on service pack 3 currently. Louis from the PCPitStop community wrote in to ask about a compatibility issue with XP SP3.

TechBite: 7 Tools to Make Firefox Shine


By Steve Bass

Firefox users? Clear the decks — I have cool extensions for you to download! Here are a few of the cooler Firefox add-ons I’m using. Give them a whirl and let me know what you think.