Windows 7 Official Release Date


Straight from the Windows 7 TeamBlog, Brandon LeBlanc announces that Windows 7 will officially be in stores by October 22nd, 2009. This confirms what most of us have thought all along.

Included is information describing RTM, Release To Manufacturing, starting in the 2nd half of July and confirmation of a program enabling participating retailers and OEMs to offer upgrade options to their customers. This should reduce any tendency for me and John Q Buyer to wait for the release, before parting with what few dollars we have left these days.

Beginning as soon as June 26th, 2009, Microsoft will offer new Vista buyers a free copy of Windows 7 with their purchase. This promotion will run until January 2010 and in some cases will allow those who downgraded from Vista to XP the same option. Particulars on what versions of Vista correspond to specific versions of Windows 7 still seem somewhat vague, but I’m sure that will come out soon enough.


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29 thoughts on “Windows 7 Official Release Date”

  1. I bought vista ultimate the time it was launched in the Indian market. From day one I have been facing problems. After 4 clean installation and trying to get paid help from microsoft this is the answer I got from them
    “As per our discussion on the Windows Vista 64-bit booting and performance issue, we agreed that we would temporarily archive this case.

    The update that we got form our escalation Team is that this is a third party hardware issue and it would be very difficult to remotely resolve a problem on such a specific configuration, and in this case, we would not be able to address this issue now.
    RRS although we did not provide the effective solution this time, we still want to let you know that we always strive to provide high-level support to our customers and hope you are happy with the whole process so far with this service request.
    Based on the current situation, we will go ahead and temporarily archive this case.
    Following is a summary of the key points for your records.
    Action: You are trying to boot to desktop.
    Results: booting to desktop takes mot of time.
    Cause: Unknown
    Resolution: As we were not able to resolve the issue, we are temporarily archiving this case. If you find any resolution, surely we would revert to you.

    Till date they have not been able to provide a solution, on the phone they told me that I have a highend machine which is not generally used and hence MS do not and cannot help.

  2. I built myself a new PC at the end of last year. Knowing what piece of s#@t Vista is I decided to spend over the odss on XP home edition sp3 (OEM). I believe I made the right choice. With 2gb ram and an E8400 Intel CPU it is a very fast and powerful PC that is more than capable of doing what I ask of it. Until XP is dead and buried I will stick with what i have. Long live XP. WE LOVE YOU

  3. I have been using the win7 rc and so far I am moving in the direction of in favor of this new system. they have approached this new os the same way if not better like they did XP. which is what they should have done with vista, it could have saved them a lot of headaches. i do believe that due to the economic situation. they should price it very low and the same as they are doing in Europe without IE8. I can always download IE8 online for free. I hope they consider the pricing options

  4. Are you running 32-bit or 64-bit versions? The 32 bit versions only recognize and utilize up to 3 gigs of ram. In order to use any more ram, you need to run the 64-bit version of Vista or W7 OS.

  5. probably because you’re running 32 bit, which only recognizes upto 3 gig, instead of 64 bit, which requires 3 gig and up. You won’t get full use of all 4 gigs of ram unless you run the 64 bit version.

  6. One thing I don’t get about Vista and Windows 7 is I have 4 gigs of Memory on 2 computers but it will say only 3 gigs are usable. Why doesn’t it recognize and use all 4 gigs?

  7. I have Vista Business 64-bit on my home desktop and 32-bit on my laptop. I also have Vista Enterprise 64-bit on my office laptop. I run all sorts or apps including Adobe Pro 8. I’v been running all for over a year and have not had one bit of trouble with any. I think the bad rap that Vista got was somewhat overstated.

  8. I have a Acer core2 duo with 8Gb onboard RAM. When I got it, it had Vista Business with the option of XP Pro downgrade (more of an upgrade….lol).

    I tried Vista..for about a week ( all I could stand…lol) and went to XP…reason?….vista sucked, yeah even with 8Gb ram, I had to stop all of the UAC and IE’s addons, IE kept locking up.

    I got ahold of Win7 put it on a on a dedicated HDD and was switching back and forth between the 2 drives (XP Pro and Win7).

    Now, I have been using Win7 for the last few weeks, alone…then getting files off the XP drive as I need them.

    When I’m able to get 7 I will then use the RC7 as a slave drive then get the RC files onto the new OS.

    7 runs sweet at (as of right now) 1.04GB being used (2X IE windows open, antivirus and Yahoo messenger).

    Startup time takes less than 1/2 the time compared to XP Pro…shut down time is even faster.

    The only trouble I am having is my new Kodak all in one will not print thru Win7 and I’m going to get with them on when they will have the drivers for it.

    I’ve only had a few problems with 7 seeing the older games, but only a few…but more then Vista.

    The only other “tweeks” that I do to all PCs is lowering the IE settings to 50 ( in browsing history settings) and get into the system startup folder and stopping unnessisary programs from running.

    I hope this helps some of you.


  9. This what happend to me. I downloaded windows 7 so I could mess around with it. Microsoft must have thought I had a touch screen.

    I do have to say that it was my fault tho. I really didn’t look at what Microsoft came up with on their update page. I just told it to download and install ALL the possible updates.

    Well the touch screen part was in there. All of the sudden my computer wouldn’t work at all. It wanted me to do everything by touching the screen instead of using my mouse.

    Well I had a hell of a time trying to use the keyboard to do a system restore to get back to where I was.

    It took me awhile but I did get it done. I have not read ANYTHING about windows 7 at all.

    I have heard that it is going to be less of a hog. I wonder how much less of ram it will use?

    I’m running Vista X64 right now and I do have 8 Gig of high speed ram installed and Vista X64 is using 2.18 of the 8 Gig that I have.

    What is windows 7 going to use. Would it be something like only 2.0 Gig instead of 2.18? or maybe even 1.0 Gig instead of 2.18?

    One may never know unless I run them side by side. I really don’t know if i’m going to upgrade to windows 7 ever at all.

    I might consider it if you can simply pop in the Windows 7 DVD and do a upgrade with out have to do a format and a new install.

    I don’t want to lose everything. I even heard at one time awhile ago that Vista X64 users were going to get windows 7 upgrade for free.

    I really don’t think that is ever going to happen so I think I’ll save up what ever it is going to cost and say what the hell and go for it.

    I do know that my system can handle anything that windows 7 can throw at it. Having a Intel Core 2 quad on a Gigabyte MOBO with 8 Gig of ram should be able to handle everything that windows 7 might throw at it.

    I also don’t know if there will be any difference between windows 7 64 bit drivers and Vista 64 Bit drivers.

    There might be another wait for my other hardware vendors to come up with the windows 7 drivers. I had an Epson printer and after Vista X64 came out it was almost 6 months before Epson put out the drivers for my printer.

    I really don’t want to wait that long again. Well I hope for Microsoft’s sake that windows 7 isn’t a flop like everyone said Vista was.

    I personly LOVE Vista X64. I have had it installed since Vista X64 came out and have had not a SINGLE problem with it.

    Like I said before. I think that people that did have problems with it is because they were trying to run Vista X64 on an older machine and when they couldn’t find drivers for it they blamed it on Microsoft.

    Blame the vendors not Microsoft. The vendors knew when Vista was going to come out and they had plenty of time to get the drivers ready.

  10. I had nothing but problems with Vista. I even tried to downgrade to XP but because my laptop never had XP on it in the first place, none of my hardware would work with the exsisting drivers and there weren’t any for me to upgrade to. So I was stuck with Vista and I hated every minute of it!! Then I got an evaluation copy of Windows 7 for free and I have to say, BRAVO!!! Its wonderful so far everything still works just fine it doesnt hog resources and still has most of the same features and then some of Vista. By George I think they’ve done it!!

  11. Cynthia,

    I had problems with Vista and IE8 on both my machines. I went back to IE7 and problems disappeared. Are you using IE8?

  12. Ever since I bought my new laptop Toshiba with vista last year IE freezes up all the time. I never had that problem with windows XP.
    Anyone know a solution?

  13. Its not going to a new OS version that bothers me – its the other 50 programs that I use in business that may or may not transport. Then there is my wife’s games on her computer. AND then there is the time to move switch, etc.
    I retired as a Lan Admin and frankly I’m tired of working on computers. I just want to use them and not have to troubleshoot any more!

  14. I run a LAN with Windows XP Home, XP Pro, Windows Home Server and Vista Uttimate. From the standpoint of a huge fan of XP Pro I think Vista beats the pants off XP and don’t understand the discontent. Windows 7 is going to have to be awfully good before MS gets more of my money.

  15. July 26th, eh?
    Hmmm… maybe I might get a new laptop after all.
    Windows 7 RC(7229) runs great!
    Even on a single core machine.

    Thanks for the news!

  16. I have been beta testing Win-7 since the beginning. It is the most impressive OS release I have ever seen, and with RC-1 it got even better. As most others have stated here on PCPitStop and other blog sites, this is the way Vista should have been. It is faster than Vista, and in most cases for me faster than XP. My father had seen Vista and hated it, the big move for him was in 2004 when he went from Win98-SE to XP, now he is hooked on Win-7 X64 bit. So, that in it’s self is impressive. Windows 7 can take some older laptops, and desktops and make them usable again. Microsoft has something with this OS release I just hope it does not get as bloated as Vista was and it remains fast and easy to work with.

  17. Michael in Maryland

    Have been using Vista Ultimate 32-bit since Beta. Beta and RC were rough for installation of drivers and apps, but have not had any major problems since release. Key to my success – Turn off UAC and you are running Vista in XP mode.

  18. W7 will need some driver updates as soon as it hits the fence. The main talk is that Vista drivers will work just fine, but I’ve had ATI drivers as well as an Airlink WiFi card and security software (anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, etc) that blew up complaining that the OS is not supported.
    Those kinds of problems will slow everything down.

  19. For those who bought Vista ultimate with all its many extras. Win7 would make a good FREE extra upgrade. LOL. Vista ult was not cheep nor easy to find when I got it. Very disapointed about “extras” LOL I like the os. Still like and use XP and Vista.

  20. I have two computers both with Vista x64. Both have Adobe Flash on them and both work fine…in the 32 bit browser. Adobe says the next release will work in the 64 bit browser.

  21. Steve in Escondido, CA

    I think I have been reading that Firefox 3.5 will no longer require the Adobe Flash player plug-in!

  22. I have not been able to get Adobe Flash player to work with my Vista machine.
    Will Adobe Flash player work with “Windows 7”??
    Has anybody ever found a workaround for Adobe Flash Player??
    Several newslketters use Flash Player and am unable to completely read said news letters.
    Bob A

  23. Everything I hear says this is going to be an easy switch. I’m counting on it because I’ll be making the move.

  24. I built my own computer last summer with 64 bit Vista Ultimate and haven’t had any problems. I also run many Adobe products and Web Premium CS3 has always run smoothly. Of course I will keep an open mind concerning 7 but I won’t be falling all over myself to switch. For me Vista hasn’t been the evil that it evidently has been for others.

  25. I stayed away from Vista like the plague. I heard very little good about it and the performance hit looked like it would be just top much. On top of that, Adobe issued many cautions about Vista and since I depend heavily on Adobe apps to make my money the gamble wasn’t worth it. My kid (who works for MS) even gave me a copy for my birthday and I told her to take it back. XP was fine, it boogied along quite nicely every day all day.

    Seven looks like a different deal. Slimmer and less of a hog, MS might have gotten it right this time. I’ll wait for a period of time to sound out if there are any problems and if it is as good as I’ve been hearing I’m there.

    So a person has got to ask: What misdirected marketing thought lead to Vista? With all of the resources that MS has at hand how did they manage to create the Vista monster? We may never know the answer but, thankfully, the market has spoken.

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