Month: May 2009

PC Pitstop Newsletter – May 2009 #2

    Introducing Optimize 3.0
    Is Your PC Ready for Windows 7?
    The Best Free Software
    Windows 7 Tweaks
    Encryption’s Achilles Heel
    Newsletter Survey
    Bits from Bill: Windows 7 Pricing
    TechBite: Save Your PCs Bacon
    Technologizer: Questions for AMD?
    Chris Pirillo Video: What are Tags?
    The Dodge Retort: Windows 7 Review
    Tip #1: 156 Run Commands
    Tip #2: 15 Great Windows 7 Tips
    Tip #3: Networking XP & Windows 7
    Tip #4: Protect Your Homepage
    PC Pitstop Driver Library

Top Free Software

Free Software

Welcome to the Top Free Software Report. There are two problems with free software. First off, there is a lot of free software and it is hard to know what free software is the best. Secondly, because it is free, free software makers can’t spend money on advertising to get the word out on their cool creations. We hope that this new feature in TechTalk will solve both of these problems.



After some pretty exhaustive research I was surprised at the lack of real tweaks and suggestions for Windows 7, so here’s your chance. Put your proven and personal tweaks in the comments section and I will add them to the article as a part of our Windows 7 Tweak Guide. Keep in mind that there are many suggestions on the WWW that are completely bogus.

Technologizer: Questions for AMD?


By Harry McCracken

I’m happy to announce that we’re cooking up a new Technologizer feature that will let members of the Technologizer community pose questions to tech companies–and I’m equally happy to report that the first company that’s agreed to field your queries is chipmaker AMD.


TechBite: Save your PCs Bacon – Back up your Registry


By Steve Bass

System Restore is a recovery tool built into Windows that backs up and restores the Registry. System Restore takes a snapshot of your computer — called a restore point — once a day, as well as before you perform certain tasks, such as installing a new program. If all goes well, you can use a restore point later on to bring your PC back to the state it was in when the snapshot was taken. But remember, we’re talking about computers.

Video – What are Tags?


If I were to tag my dogs, I would use words such as: wicket, pixie, dog, puppy, paws, pet, tail, wag, and so on. Tagging things is second nature to me now. But I’ve come to realize that not everyone knows what tags are, or why they should be using them.

Bits from Bill: Windows 7 may come with a Steep Price

bill p

By Bill Pytlovany

Windows 7 may come with a Steep Price

So far most of my predictions about Windows 7 have been right on the money. Microsoft has scaled back the number of versions. Computer manufactures confirm they’ll have Windows7 installed on machines in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, the one thing I may have been wrong about was …

ENCRYPTION What is it? Does it work?


Are your bank accounts and passwords safe? Are your browser settings where they should be? Is your computer slow because it’s busy sending your personal information to Russia?

Don’t become the fly in the ointment by thinking that your Firewall, Antivirus, or ISP is going to protect your data. Use encryption all the way to the file level. Have you altered or lowered your browser setting recently? Set them back where they belong. Your protection is only as good as you allow it to be. Protect yourself.

Windows 7 Readiness Test


PC PITSTOP announces our Windows 7 Readiness Test is available for you now. Check your systems hardware to learn how it will perform using Windows 7. It only takes a second and when you’re done download the FREE Windows 7 RC1 from Microsoft.

PC Pitstop Optimize 3.0 – A Letter from the CEO

First off, if you are reading this letter, I want to thank you. Thank you from each and every person working at PC Pitstop. If you are interested in purchasing a PC Pitstop product, we thank you for your interest. If you have purchased our product, we thank you even more. Moreover, I want thank you for telling your friends about our products, and saying all the great things that I have read over the years. Believe me, we read them all, and we love them.