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Over 30,000 of you have responded to our most recent survey about the economy. Along with the responses have come some great money saving ideas – that we have decided to share.

“I’m actually spending more time shopping online- I found that using amazon marketplace, ebay, or other options, I can save quite a bit on things I need or was planning to purchase locally. The big thing is- remember to include shipping when deciding whether to purchase locally or online.”

“The kids had four paid websites, I told them I would only renew one.”

“Trying to buy software that we can use on 3 desktops and 1 laptop we use at home rather than 4 seperate programs. There are only 2 of use and we kept our old computers for convenience so we don’t have to keep going up & down the stairs.

“Definitely keeping an eye out for more free and open source solutions… On every new computer that I help a friend or family member set up, I will set up Open Office and Free AVG. THis saves them hundreds right out of the box…”

“Locking in 2 or 3 year maintenance deals for firewall / anti-virus etc. to get discounts and avoid any price increases.”

“I’m printing on both sides of the paper. I did not do this ever until 2008. I am also refilling my ink jet cartridges myself with the kit.”

“Turning off computer if I’m gone for more than 24 hours.”

“Downgraded cell phone plan.”

“Listening to free internet radio/podcasts over subscription to satellite radio”

“Buying ink where I get rebates and setting default printing to fast draft.”

“Using hibernate or standby instead of leaving computer on all the time.”

“My observation is that more people are likely to have their PCs serviced and continue using them instead of rushing off to get a new machine.”

“Dropped xm radio..got internet phone…fewer cable channels.”

“…watching more netflix and not going out to movies”

“I use Linux and have been for the last 8 years.People would be amazed how fast even an older computer operates without all the antivirus spyware and other security programs running in the background.I can install the OS in 10 minutes instead of hours with microsoft.My wife and kids dont have any problem with using Linux.My grandaughter has been using Linux since she was 2 years old.I dont need to worry about popups malware and spyware when the kids are online.I can do anything in Linux that they do in microsoft and all programs are free.”

“Canceled newspaper subscriptions. Get all news from Internet, TV and radio.”

“Dropped home phone service, Changed plan at DirecTv, Let subscriptions expire (computer mags)”

“Decided to stick with XP, not upgrade Office, hold off on game purchases.”

“There are 5 pc’s and 1 laptop in this house. None of them are left on over night. Believe it or not, there is an electrical savings
using power options more on the computer, doing more c;eaning of the drive and computer myself.”

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5 thoughts on “PC Pitstop Community Offers $ Saving Tips”

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for ink cartridges for the Epson RX420. I have bought compatibles in the past but the ink quality is not so great or the chips dont recognise. Any help would be appreciated 🙂

  2. David, Remember to shred all that printed material.Before you recycle it Id thiefs pickup the same day the recycling truck does!

  3. If your printer jams when you try to use the back, blank side of the paper (as my Brother MFC lazer printer does), tear each piece into quarters and use the blank sides in place of scratch pads.

  4. In line with printing on both sides of the paper, my wife is a real estate agent who does most of her work at home. She is in the company office at least once a week at which time she gathers up the paper from the recycle box and brings it home. Ninety percent plus of all the printing we do here does not require clean on both sides paper. We have a case and four reams plus of clean paper which at present usage should last long enough to pass some of it on to our heirs. The paper we print on which isn’t needed permanently is finally recycled with our trash pick up at home.

  5. Plug non-essental chargers, TV and stereo equipment into surge protectors with a dependable on/off switch. Power off when leaving for work. (Use TV “SET” position which retains memory rather than resetting the clock on power-up)

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