Month: January 2009

PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter #2

  • World’s Best Free Software
  • Ask the Pros – RAID Arrays
  • Fastest Laptop in the World
  • Is Memory Load Killing Your PC?
  • Is Your Data Lost at Sea(gate)?
  • Bits from Bill: Whats New in Windows 7 Security
  • Techbite: Help is on the Way
  • Technologizer: A Retro Unboxing with Atari
  • PC Trends – Newspapers Near Extinction
  • PC Trends – Use of Free Software Takes Off
  • Tech Tips – Avoid Pointless Software
  • Tech Tips – A 360 Degree Windows Desktop
  • The World of Free Software

    Welcome to the World of Free Software. We at PC Pitstop have a very unique view on free software because we test so many PC’s every day! As I have already documented, I love free software. Not because of the price tag, but because in many instances, the free software is superior to its capitalistic competitors.

    It’s a fine line for a software company, but most freeware entities spend almost all of their activity and money on development. Balance that against a more typical company that spends money on marketing, distribution, OEM partners, etc.

    World Portable Rank Added to OverDrive


    January 14th, 2009 marks an important upgrade to the PC Pitstop OverDrive scan. “World Portable Rank” is now a standard feature of our well known System Analysis Software. Untill now all computers were included in one group to compare rankings and performance. Thanks to Lyle, Sandy, and Kevin, it’s possible to see how your portable stacks up against other portables using this newly created class, No more comparing your 3 lb. ultra-light to my 56 pound gaming box or someones 6 drive RAID array.

    OverDrive Update – Memory Load Test

    Yet another reason to re-run the world renowned PC Pitstop OverDrive Scan.

    OverDrive features a Memory Load Test that measures the percentage of RAM currently in use on a system.

    Use the information in your OverDrive test results to learn more about the RAM usage of the applications that are running on your PC and how to make your system run more efficiently.

    Your Data May Be Lost at Sea(gate).


    Users of Seagates 7200.11 Baracuda ES.2 SATA and DiamondMax 22 hard drives are falling victim to a firmware bug as reported by Seagate, various forums, and blogs.

    Some users of the Barracuda 7200.11, Barracuda ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22 desktop hard drives are blocked from their data by a firmware bug that is causing lock-ups and/or failures. Users are finding that although data has not been erased from their drives – some data is being rendered inaccessible.

    SEAGATE says there is no data loss, but obviously there may be issues for individual users learning how to access or recover the data.

    Ask the Pros Vol.2 2009 RAID


    Thank you for the huge number of questions sent to:

    Ask The Pros

    We’ve had an overwhelming response and we’re doing our best to read each and every one. I sincerely wish we could answer your questions directly but the numbers make that impossible. I’ll continue to select those that occur most often. Keep them coming, and don’t be afraid to submit more than once.

    PC Pitstop January 2009 Newsletter

    *Windows 7 Wish List
    *OverDrive OverHaul
    *The Best of 2008!
    *Ask the Pros – Answers
    *Bits from Bill: The Support You Deserve
    *TechBite: New Year Time Wasters
    *Technologizer: Secret Origins of Clippy
    *Open Office Use Soars
    *Cell Phones to Replace PCs?
    *Tip #1: Icons for Shutdown or Restart
    *Tip #2: Open Source, Security Tools

    Windows 7 Wish List

    I am very excited about Windows 7. In fact, I can’t wait. It can’t happen soon enough. Without flat out admitting it, Microsoft is finally realizing what we, as users, have known all along. Vista delivered far less than expectation after a five year wait from the smartest, wealthiest, largest, and savviest software company in the world.

    But let’s not look backwards, now is the time to look forwards to a bright future for Windows and its suffering users. Having purchased Vista in March 2007, and one of its first guinea pigs, here is my wish list for Windows 7 and why.

    Windows Movie Maker. As I reported almost two years ago, there still is a major problem with Windows Movie Maker. In the middle of editing (sometimes at the end), a horrible error message “Windows Movie Maker has stopped working.” appears. If you Google the above error message, it is easy to imagine millions of people getting the same error message.

    PC Pitstop OverDrive – New and Improved


    PC Pitstop is always striving to improve Overdrive and maintain our dominant position as the worlds best Free System Analysis Software. With almost 200 million tests in it’s database, Overdrive gives you a depth of analysis and suggested fixes found nowhere else.

    Today we are proud to announce even more functionality has been added to help keep your system safe and fast. Just click the [SCAN NOW] button and see what’s really taking place on your computer.