Year: 2009

PC Pitstop Newsletter – December 2009 #2

    *The Best Tips of 2009
    *2010 – The Clouds & Beyond
    *The Dodge Retort: WiFi Scales Tweet your weight
    *Chris Pirillo: Comparing Documents
    *Bits from Bill: How to Protect Facebook Privacy
    *Ask Leo: Is It Safe to Delete That File?
    *Technologizer: 87 Lame Tech Moments
    *Tekzilla Tip: How Exposed Are You Online?
    *Browser Wars 2009=Big Losers
    *Tip #1: Right Click Virus Check
    *Tip #2: Free Printable Signs
    *Tip #3: Timed Automatic Shut Down
    *PC Pitstop Driver Library

Chris Pirillo Video: How to Compare Documents


Let’s say you have two documents, and you need to compare the text in them against each other. Heck, let’s say you need to add yet another document into the mix! That could get to be a pain. You can just use Compare My Docs. Choose your documents and let the website point out comparisons for you.

Technology 2010 – The Clouds and Beyond


Windows 7, Netbooks and Cloud Computing were all hugely popular technologies in 2009. These made for an extremely interesting year of writing and yet already my greedy mind is turning to see what’s next on the tech front.

I’m ready for sun glasses that phone, do Internet, and play movies. I know they”ll be here soon.

Ask Leo: Is It Safe to Delete This File?


By Leo Notenboom

My C: and D: drives have many gigabytes of .DAT files under “Documents and
Settings”. I’m trying to free up space on the C: drive. Can I delete any of
these files? I really don’t know what they are, how they got there, or why they
occupy so much space on my computer!

I don’t know.

Honestly, I have no idea either as to what they are, how they got there, or
why they occupy so much space. That’s the problem with “.dat” files – there’s
no way to know what they are without more information.

But I do have some ideas on how to determine if deleting them is ok, and
ways to do it safely. And those ideas apply to any file type, not just

Technologizer: This Dumb Decade -The 87 Lamest Moments in Tech, 2000-2009


By Harry McCracken

If ever a decade began dumb, it was this one.* When clocks struck midnight on January 1st and the dreaded Y2K bug turned out to be nothing but a mild irritant, it proved once again that the experts often don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.

Which was a relief–and a fitting way to kick off the technological era we’ve lived in ever since. Yes, it’s been an amazing time. But it’s also seen more than its share of misbegotten decisions, bizarre dramas, pointless hype, and lackluster products and technologies–often involving the same people and companies responsible for all the amazing stuff.

So–with a respectful tip of the Technologizer hat to Business 2.0 and Fortune’s 101 Dumbest Moments in Business and, of course, to Esquire’s Dubious Achievement Awards–let’s recap, shall we?

Browser Wars 2009 Produces Big Losers


How long before Google dominates the browser market? Is it poised to replace Microsoft as the Dominant force in computing?

Changes seen this year are substantial, but the rate of change doesn’t seem to be the story here. It’s the fact that two major players allowed for substantial gains by Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera. Safari’s failure to supply a browser that works as well on Windows as it does on Mac, along with Google’s release of Chrome for Mac OS X, put Chrome in the number 3 position over Safari but well behind FireFox.
Internet Explorer and Safari had combined losses of 7.48% while Chrome, Firefox and Opera had combined gains of 7.35%.