Windows Vista SP2 Not Ready for Prime Time


Time to break out the tinfoil hats, Windows Vista SP 2 beta has been available since December 4th 2008. It doesn’t seem to add anything exciting to this universally acknowledged lame duck of an operating system, so I guess that explains the lack of interest I’m seeing around the web. While Microsoft touts the inclusion of Windows Connect Now for easier configuration of Wi-Fi networks and support for burning Blu-ray discs, these features have been available by automatic updates since July of this year. Take note that if you’ve recently purchased a system with Windows Vista’s Feature Pack for Wireless, it will already have WCN and Bluetooth 2.1 support included.

Vista SP 2 beta has been available for quite some time to system manufacturers, but there were reported issues burning the image to disk, which lead to installation problems.

The public beta seems to have no such problems and comes with a stand-alone installer for those who want to download an ISO image and burn a DVD. It’s a simple matter of creating a system restore point, a single reboot, and allowing about an hour for an unattended installation.

If this service pack includes anything worth having it seems to be associated with software compatibility. Microsoft is reporting fixes for ZoneAlarm and Spy Sweeper as well and improved support for DirectX.

It’s important to note at this point that if you are taking advantage of Automatic Updates with your Vista system, you have been getting non-security updates almost every quarter. These updates included several application comparability fixes and explain why your Vista system might be operating a little smoother than it did initially.


I found several reports that Windows had trouble finding wireless adapters after the installation of Vista SP2 beta. Because my only Vista install is my laptop, which uses a wireless connection, I decided against giving it a try. Normally I would take one for the team but I know firsthand how hard it is to get a good working installation of Vista.

Should you try it? No, not yet. Wait till it’s out of beta. The predicted release date of April of 2009 is not that far away and most will already have the improvements installed through Automatic Updates. All SP2 offers is some added glitches and besides, who wants to spend half a day fixing Somethin for Nothin?

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  1. To be honest, am getting rather sick of the “lame duck” type comments myself – half the complaints I run into come about iether because the user has blindly absorbed the negative press without question, or simply through a lack of IT education…. or both!

    So Vista won’t run so well on that 5-10yo PC some people are still clinging to…. surprise surprise. Considering said legacy hardware was developed in a time where much of what even the common user now expects from their PC or notebook was barely concieved of 5-10 yrs ago, little wonder!!

    Vista (esp when rolled out) had to major achilies heels:
    * In many ways, such as all the new hardware accellerations introduced with Vista, it was in many was a 1st gen OS…. name me a single 1st gen app that was completely bug free on first rollout.
    * Vista was almost ready for the trial rollouts almost two and a half yrs earlier than what it end up doing. So much of the business community (MS’s really bread winner) complained of a lack of backwards compatibity to run those often poorly encoded legacy app, or legacy hardware that in many cases was out-of-support by the manufacturer. MS basically had to go back and re-write much of Vista, turning back to old architectures. I think we can all agree it didn’t turn out so well…. thus the reason MS has drawn a line in the sand with Win7, turning those same individuals to a virtualised environ of XP, freeing up Win7 to actually move forward.

    “…so I guess that explains the lack of interest I’m seeing around the web.”

    Well no. Most ppl who would be praying with a beta release are making the transition to Win7, rather than trying out a beta release of a Vista service pack!!

    @ Mike – the reason for the imaging size difference is this. In XP, images usually only backed up core files, and if selected, your personal files. In Vista, you get a complete image, meaning any restores are much less problematic…. images created for XP suffered serious issues if to many system changes had been made since the image creation. As to the cost of DVDs – most of us an external HDD for image storage, as it makes things much less problematic on rollout/restore anyhow 🙂

  2. I recently purchased an HP Pavillion 64-bit Intel CPU notebook designed for Vista 64-bit. After a few weeks I downgraded to XP Home 32-bit. Last year I purchased two Acer pc’s with Vista 32-bit installed but downgraded both to XP. I am satisfied with Vista performance. My primary complaint is Vista installation files take two to four times the disk space of XP. Also, I can’t do any more with Vista than XP. I regularly image my hard drive using Terabyte’s Image For Windows and with XP I can make a copy of my C: drive with one dvd. With Vista I need two to four dvd’s, depending on installed software and options. Not only does it take two to four times longer to image Vista, it also takes more money for dvd’s. Based on my experiences with XP and Vista, Vista is resource inefficient and redundant. Rather than creating a dud dubbed Vista, Microsoft could have taken XP and improved performance.

  3. IV,E wasted over an hour here reading a bunch of mumbo jumbo i have 3 h.p,s all
    amd athlon X2 AND 4 gigs of ram in all of them* and 1 new m8300f with vita premium*
    I THINK IF SOMEBODY wanted to REALLY HELP people out here they could have POSTED a link on the basic processes that need to run on VISTA because i have found that vista is not a very user friendly OS system* admitted above by a microsoft exec! I FIND that stupid things like right clicking and pin to start menu don,t work! and getting my pictures to display was a nightmare! eventually you figure things out BUT vista has some serious flaws in it for the average p.c user that is use to 98,me,2000,XP it ask you for permission for every little thing you do on it! ok it’s suppose to be more secure! i get that* but the average person that isn’t a p.c wizard tech like some of the people above are gonna find it to be very frustrating! and it is!
    so my new m8300f 6000 media center 3.0gb 640gig HDD 4GB RAM is just sitting collecting dust cause i find that both of my h.p a1314n,s with X.P service pack 2 ie 6 amd X2 2.4GB 4GIGS RAM runs faster* AND BTW i have fire fox 3 with faster fox and no script on all 3 p.c,s run faster and are easier to work with than struggling with vista if i could down grade it to X.P I SURELY WOULD ! however i,m gonna look into going to 64 bit with vista* I DO BELIEVE SOMEBODY should post a link for newbies that would help them discover ways to stop tasks that run needlessly in vista! insteas of brag how smart they are and so on!^^^^^^^
    go here

  4. My comment is so far to the bottom of this conversation that probably nobody will read it, but here goes my 2 cents. Like so many previous commentors, I have used all of MS operating systems (though not all versions), plus Unix and a variety that few might not even recognize. My disappointment with Vista is that I have a lot of good functional hardware (scanners and such) that I cannot get to load and run properly on Vista.
    One commenter said that some complainers probably didn’t have the hardware to run Vista properly. Sure not their fault. When it came out many machines did not even have 1G of memory. I told many vendors I wouldn’t buy an XP without at least 1G, but they sold thousands and thus many unhappy users. Even today many machines are being sold that only handle 2G, so if you want to run many applications (besides email and shopping) you still are pushing the limits of the machine. I love my W98 with 384M. Works great, no problems.

  5. Vista is a turkey. Yes it has gotten better. Drivers are important. Software compatibility is important. I had to buy new software. The printer drivers I got initially with Vista worked though the print quality was clearly deficient. There was an upgrade. I could still see a difference. One more thing. The basic functionality of the basic operating system utilities is still not there. File manager still does not have the basic capabilities that it had under XP. It took me a while to convince Microsoft, that there was a problem. They still have not corrected the problem or should I say problems. I bought a new computer thinking it would be better. It would be faster and more capable. The new machine had Vista. It is not better. It is not more capable. I wanted to get rid of my old machine. I cannot. It provides me with capabilities that the new machine with Vista cannot match. Vista is a failure. It is a failure because it has not satisfied its users. Buyers of new machines expected more and they got less.

  6. Help! I, too, have the Vista Home Premium and no problems until I installed the SP2. It did not install completely!!!! Therefore, I cannot install or uninstall anything else! Yes, I have had a Microsoft Techie try to uninstall the Beta and reinstall it, but the security update is “stuck” in installation!!!! He has tried to remove it or complete the installation of the security update by (I agreed) taking over my desktop and he would try to do it himself. Well, I just received a telephone call from a Techie at Micro. and he said they are working on the problem and will get back to me in 72 hours! Does anyone know how to uninstall the entire SP2 “thing”? My SP1 was just fine until I decided to try the Beta Beast! Does anyone have any idea how to totally uninstall the SP2 beta thing? Thanks!

  7. i have used just about every O/S the microsoft has issued.

    the vista 32 that i now have on a gateway laptop was not bad until i tried to install SP1. since then, i cannot turn my laptop off…it “goes to sleep” and restarts in 10 minutes…this cycle continues on and on.

    gateways response? tough stuff!!! m/s did try to help for weeks on end and finally said hey had no idea what to do now short of a dump and re-install!!

    other than i can’t shut down, the updates made my laptop incompatible with all of my audio and video programs. not gateways’ issue, sure not the programmers issue…microsoft is whom changed the O/S and they still haven’t been able to correct my issues.

    “jump on the wagon” hype??? i think not!!! check out yahoo answers, rip-off reports and soooooo many others. not that many consumers can be that wrong to warrant such an outrage with a corporation that no longer cares about the consumer long term but the bottom line short term.

  8. I have windows Vista on a laptop and a desktop both came pre installed the laptop is great never crashes the desktop is a complete pain even solitare crashes it the display driver is forever failing and recovering two systems the same but vastly different why? I have no idea.

  9. I agree with all who have positive replys about Vista. Been using it since it came out. And not one of my programs or games, have failed. And I mean old old old games and programs dating back to Windows 95. All loaded and run fine. I agree all the negatives are hype and most likly from hackers who like to change programs illegally.

  10. So far Vista has been a good experience for me. I have now 3 machines running on vista, all on SP3, two are 64 bit. I cannot recall having that few problems wenn transproting software to a new revision of MS-Operating systems before. Like form ME to XP, or from Windos 98 to ME. Yes, it needs lots of memory, but look out what there is. Technology is getting better and memory is cheap. In my experience the main problem seems not to be vista, but the 3rd party companies not beeing ready. They mostly lack in supporting VISTA. When Vista was first introduced, I tried also the promisses of Apple OS/X – Well, that failed. The promisses were empty ones.

    Another problem I experience with Vista is that is is quite different than XP and it takes some effort to get used to it.

    In Summary: Vista is great.

  11. I have been using Vista Home Premuim for a while and haven’t had any issues with it. Those who insist who can run vista may want to upgrade componments ex. video, etc. Plus they would want to be sure they aren’t using 64 bit on a 32 bit system. The other thing is make sure you keep your system up to par. I have heard many people try to run vista on a system with only 512 megs of ram. Also when is SP 2 for vista supposed to be distrib to all?

  12. Hello MH. Thanks for the input. Many people do infact try the beta versions of service pack releases and yes they are certainly not for everyone. We have a large audience here and sharing that information is helpful to many including Microsoft.

    Your impression that users are experiencing no more problems with Vista than with previous operating systems is incorrect. The lack of acceptance for Vista is well known. It’s good that you are experiencing no particular problems but unfortunately that is not the case for many users.

    Microsoft has made many corrections as a result of user reports and they are working hard for an early release of Windows 7 partly because of the problems with Vista.

    Acceptance of all things Microsoft does not equate to “sane unbiased writing” but I do appreciate your opinion.

  13. This article is quite useless. The general public, average joe computer user shouldn’t be installing BETA stuff in the first place. That is why it’s labeled as beta, to let everyone know it is a work in progress.

    The ridiculous “vista danger” logo and the author’s off-hand, editorial comments about “lame duck operating system” reveal an unhealthy bias. The amount of vista hate out there is nearing cult level and quite absurd. The vast majority of computer users do not experience any more problems with vista than with previous operating systems.

    A less sensationalistic and more sane approach to vista would be prudent and appreciated by everyone who prefers honest, unbiased writing.

  14. For the most part, Vista isnt TOO bad… once I came to realize that no matter HOW much searching I did trying to find a fix for my 5.1 surround sound wasnt going to happen. (driver issue) Also, I was one of the unfortuneate ones who had to read for quite awhile to figure out I needed to disable to my IPV6 protocol in network properties to keep my net from constantly dropping. Of course, 64 bit sucks with freeware..especially for those of us who enjoy programs such as peerguardian for a safer torrent experience. Last but not least, REGARDLESS of what windows says..not being able to defrag hibernation file, page file, etc…sucks. Running the test on PC pitstop after ONE MONTH showed 50% fragmentation in those files. There was of course a noticible difference in speed. It doesnt seem right that a basic maintenance issue could only be solved by 3rd party software..and not what came with my machine. Throw that in with the fact that mine stays steady at 1.27gb of ram usage at standstill…sign me up for Windows 7 or something non-microsoft. Overall, since coming to terms with WHAT Vista is…it isnt too bad. Honestly though, I hope Microsoft does at least a little bit better with windows 7.

  15. “this universally acknowledged lame duck of an operating system”

    I really think the author should get off the Vista-bashing bandwagon. Is this person a closet Mac-user?? Looks like the majority of comments are Vista supportive, so I’m not too certain where the above quote finds legitimacy. I, too, am a long-time user of Microsoft operating systems. I have noticed that the majority of Vista complainers are not tech-savvy, don’t pay attention to System Recommendations, and ignore pertinent blogs, tech papers and general advice on the subject. I have NEVER had an issue using Vista Ultimate Edition: I am currently using a dual-boot system consisting of Vista Ultimate 64-bit and XP Professional 64-bit. My favorite? Vista…hands down!

  16. I too have worked on all Windows OS’s, not alot with DOS but I can tell you, the farce created with XP SP3 on my old machine drove me nuts. And got no help whatsoever from HP or Microsoft or AMD. I finally broke my machine trying to fix the fix as they say and had go get a new machine. I have Vista now and I tell you, I like it alot and have had no problems but this machine is an Intel base so I will have no worrys when it comes to SPs’. It’s those poor folks like me who believed in AMD and HP that will really need to worry.

  17. I have a 3 year old Dell Inspiron that came with Windows XP SP2. It worked well (a few glitches now and then, but fixable) THEN came SP3……well, it has RUINED that computer! I even had a tech from Microsoft “take over” my computer to try and uninstall the sp3, but even HE could not do it! He ended up telling me that the update is corrupted, and my ONLY option now is to back up EVERYTHING (which, as you can imagine is a ton) and completely reinstall SP2! In the meantime, when home in August (I live and work in Saudi Arabia) I bought an HP with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. WELL. There have been a few issues that really bug me about THIS one! The main one being that most of my favorite programs WILL NOT WORK ON 64 BIT! I found out if software says Vista compatible and you have 64 bit, it WILL NOT WORK on your OS! I must SAY 64bit compatible! So, got screwed there! The other is that it refuses to run ANY screensavers other than those pre loaded on the machine. Nothing, nada, end of story. I keep getting Windows Internet Explorer Blank Page loading on it’s own. I have to go to task manager to close it all the time. I don’t even USE IE! I use Firefox because IE is junk. Unfortunately, can’t get rid of it, as someone else says, because it would make the whole system unstable! Finally. I just backed up my music files from the Dell (in preparation of wiping it clean to get rid of SP3) I managed to get the files onto the Vista machine, but with a BUNCH of bugs! Though I KNOW the albums have info on the internet (covers, file names, etc) they WILL NOT load onto the Vista no matter WHAT I do! I tried going into Media player and telling it to go get the files. It ended up finding over 50,000 files! I do NOT have that much music! After 18 hours, with only 18 files downloaded, I finally put a halt to it! Unfortunately, I was an idiot, and deleted the music files from the Dell in order to do a seriously needed de-frag (thought I would try that first in case I wouldn’t have to wipe it) So now I have the files on an external drive, but can’t get them to play nice with Vista. Frustrating! Overall, though, I am tempted to find out the cost of the Vista OS (THIRTY-TWO BIT!) and install that on the Dell instead of the XP Sp2, since I have seen “rumors” that XP will no longer be supported in 6 months!
    Ok. I have put MY two cents worth in! Anyone out there have any suggestions for me? HOW can I get Vista to work with my files? To RUN MY screensavers? And finally, SHOULD I install Vista, or my back up XP on the Dell?
    Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

  18. I have been using Windows Vista for some time and find it quite ok.

    The UAC doesn’t bother me that much as I know the OS is telling me that I need to authorize a program.

    Ccleaner is a good one for triggering off the UAC but it’s fine I know I have to authorize ccleaner before the program will run.

    My biggest problem with Windows Vista is device drivers especially the Vista drivers for my ATI Radeon HD2600XT AGP graphics card.

    Doesn’t matter how you install the drivers it still won’t work properly.

    When the drivers are installed correctly you go to run Second Life and a pop up message is displayed saying “You don’t have the latest device drivers installed”.

    That’s really the only beef I have with Windows Vista I like the way things are organized in Vista a lot better then Windows XP.

    I still believe that Windows XP had a lot more life in it, Microsoft could have just added more features to XP rather then waste R&D on developing a new operating system.

    I have used Linux but not to the extent that I am proficient in using it ……….. thinking of putting a version of Linux on an old computer and using for a test bed so I can get use to using Linux.

  19. When it first came out I bought a desktop with VISTA installed, but only because I had no options at the time. It worked….. but why should I be forced to pay for the latest O/S and then be required to add RAM because there was not enough originally installed to run the O/S effectively, AND why should I need to turn off most of the VISTA graphics features because they slow down performance, AND why should I have to wait a year and a half to get drivers for a recent model laser printer, AND my main application software does not run in VISTA? VISTA was NOT a good value for…..I still feel stuck with it. And I know that I’m not alone.

  20. If windows Vista is so damn good why has the OS given so many computer know-nothings a very, very bad time for such a very ,very long time. I think there are a lot of Windows ‘ringers’ in this comment bank. Why is the world such a nasty place?

  21. As a web developer (WAMP) I worked from a hp media laptop (dv6000 series) with 2bg of ram and the amd turion 1.89 cpu. I found vista seems to slow down once more processes are up and running, even though my resource monitor did not go over 55% idle.

    Although I had many issues with vista, what I found most frustrating was when I go to use ie7 my laptop would freeze up. I could not force it to shutdown and would have to hard reboot the system. Compared to xp, vista is a truely poor and lacking polish.

    I went so far as to request from hp a xp cd to install on this laptop and they stated they could not support what I was going to do, but if I wanted to do it then I would have to buy xp and they sent me a email with a list of links for drivers and programs needed for my laptop, but for xp.

    Not happy with the answer I got, and after a couple of months, I burned a copy of ubuntu desktop v8.10 and tried, liked and installed it. I have had this linux distro for about a month and have little issue with it not related to my own ignorance of linux. And when I do have issues, answers have been easy to find. So now my WAMP is a LAMP….I have high hopes my laptop will remain functional for some time so can spend time working and less time fustrated.

    Bye Windows……So long and thanks for all the BSOFs!

  22. I stopped reading after “universally acknowledged lame duck of an operating system”. It’s downright ignorant to make such a generalization; obviously many users (including me!) see Vista as an awesome OS.

  23. I too like many other posts really enjoy Vista. I used to run it on 2 gigs of RAM and it STILL was as fast as my xp machine. I have since upgraded and am using the 64 bit version and i have no problems. I wish people would just use it and stop complaining because an “expert” said it was terrible when it first came out, because lets face it…all microsoft stuff is terrible when it first comes out.

  24. The problem with Vista and just about any new future OSes that Microsoft pumps out is that they are simply not needed. If they’d just follow Apples lead and build upon what they have already there would be little if anything to gripe about. Eventually Microsoft will get the point that people do not need new OSes with the associated compatibility issues.

    It doesn’t help that the fine folks at Microsoft try to push the older OSes to the curb and virtually abandon support for them. As a company providing OSes to consumers and businesses they are and should be fully obligated to support them beyond what they deem a full life cycle.

  25. I too have been a MS user since DOS as well as using every other OS. I do tech support for everyday people, most of which is unpaid. I also support Apple systems, Linux, Umbutu etc.. I also am a Beta Tester for MS and other companies. That being said…

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people who publish articles and/or have impact on people’s decisions on Operating systems start off their comments with “lame duck,” unworthy or a miriad of other negative comments. This is unfair to not only Vista but also to the clients that may be in need of systems that operate today and in the future.

    Vista (in all its incornate versions) wasn’t built on a wim. It needed to be built because technology dictates it. While everyone is complaining about their older programs won’t work in Vista my standard reply is usually along the lines that while you used to that program it can’t do all the tricks that newer versions of the program can accomplish. Native 32 and 64 bit applications built nowadays will not have full functions if used in XP or NT versions versus Vista version.

    I also hear people saying how memory limitations placed upon 32 bit systems vs 64 systems were not a problem in previous versions of windows. I beg to differ because the limitation is not in the operating systems, but rather core language and cpu limitations for the core.

    I have taught people that are both computer virgins as well as basic knowledge users how to use Vista. If taugtht correctly and see what these clients are using the computer for I rarely have any problems with these clients calling me after instruction, even with the dreaded User Account popups. After the systems are used enough most popups are a thing of the past.

    You gotta smile thinking about the people with the older equipment not understanding why 12yo scanner won’t work and its all Vista’s fault. Would you stick a 12yo engine in a new car and expect everything to work? All the connections just aren’t there.

    Winsows 7 will be beta testing soon, the funny thing is that some writers who are nay sayers of the Vista systems are praising W7. How silly are they going to look once it turns out the core language for W7 is Vista based?

    Problems arise with every new technology. The Mojave experiment showed how the effect of word of mouth distrust can affect perception a product before it is ever given a true test. I try not to give negative opinions about anything unless, I know everything about it. And I hope that most people don’t judge by one problem. Answers are out there for most Vista problems, not asking the right people when the problems first appear can create a logjam effect in anything. Trying to relieve the logjams takes more difficulty and time, but solutions are available. Switching to another OS won’t solve any problems either since you would still be used to doing it one way and all systems have their own way of doing things.

  26. I’ve also been with MS since DOS and upgraded to Vista soon after it came out. I started with Home premium but after a fatal crash (required a clean reinstall) gave that notebook to the wife and bought one with Business (needed more battery anyway).

    Definitely worth the price of admission just to get the backup function (ultimate seems like a waste to me).

    Not only does it take the fear out of tweaking the registry, but also out of bad installs / uninstalls. Makes trying out new, untested software practically anxiety free.

    The only problem I have is a stuttering mouse. It’s intermittent, so it has to be some background program or service starting. I haven’t figured out which one yet.

    Oh yea, 2G of memory is a minimum. 4 isn’t bad, but basically just makes the caching function work better and so just cuts program start up time. But, considering how cheep memory is now, why not.

  27. Well here is a negative I’ve had with Vista Home Premium that came with this laptop …[hp]

    The Internet explorer updates [all of them from last spring on] after being loaded would not recognize any webpages … so I had to uninstal them … and everything was fine again.

    I’m not sure … but I think I uninstalled Service Pack 1 [i seem to remember a message about that] for the reason it included an Internet explorer7 security update that caused the same problem.

    I have installed all other security and most optional updates with no problem but I no longer trust any explorer 7 updates.

    the other problem I’ve had a couple of times is a locked fragmented screen that needed to be shut off and restarted.
    the first time I actually had to get help and had to remove the battery and reboot.

    Another problem has being unable to load one of my favorite programs … Music Match jukebox . So I use my old desktop with windows 98 on it to mp3 my records.

  28. I have had so many problems with Vista Home Edition w/Service Pack 1, I am constantly repairing things, instead of using my new laptop 10/08, as I thought I would be able to. Constant freezes in Internet Explorer,
    Explorer closes down by itself frequently, and downloads are near impossible. I installed IE8 Beta and my security programs were not able to operate. I had to unstill the new beta to allow security to function. I have been trying to install a wireless connection since purchase, but am unable to.

  29. Unless microsoft starts making an O/S that Baby Boomers can use simply without hassle, Mac will take over and surpass in sales, within the next 2 Years.

    to melanied; Excuse me, dearie, I think your slip is showing. Evidently, you work with people (do you call them clients, dear?) born during or before WWII (FYI: VE Day 6/45, VJ Day 8/45). We BBs are not yet even retired let alone disabled to the extent you describe. — DMW, Florida

  30. I’ve been using Vista Ultimate since it was an RC program on a triple boot system with XP Home and Linux Ubuntu and the only problems I’ve really ever had was a sound card driver (replaced the card) and a Microsoft Photo program that wanted to crash (replaced with Adobe)
    I really feel that the editors who go off on Vista and knock the operating system are all tying to keep up appearances with their piers and really don’t have much a clue as to what they’re talking about. I am running 3 gigs of ram in my 4 year old home built Vista system, but it is really a terrific system. It’s not as good as XP, it’s far, far better than XP ever thought of being! I have not booted up the XP side of this machine in almost 2 months and usually don’t except to update it every so often and to try and figure out what all these so called tech experts are talking about when they’re saying how much better XP is than Vista. I think a good many of them should find another line of work that wouldn’t tax their little brains so much!
    Vista flat out rocks even with Aero running!

  31. I to run Windows Vista Premium.I have found that a dual core cpu and 2GB or more of ram will help vista run better but not less than 1GB.Lot of my fellow driver are using vista. The number one problems I have seen on the Vista system have been with software non-com. At this time I am making a video with Pinnacle Studio Plus 11.1 and surfing the web checking email. Maybe it’s not vista maybe its the owner of the system or maybe the software companies need to work a little harder together.
    Thanks Richard

  32. i’ve hade vista since it’s release and the only real problem i’ve had is it’s mermory hog issue. my husband,and daughter both have XP versions and i’ve seen them crash both pc’s and reload everything for some reason or another. i have yet to do that with my vista and it seems real funny that if there are any files they want or need it comes off my vista
    now for a crapy OS seems mine seems to be the back bone.

  33. What was that with seniors having a problem..I am over 70 as are my friends, and we all love Vista, and all have gone to Explorer 8. I’ve never had a single problem with Vista, and don’t personally know anyone who does.

  34. It seems so very apparent that the people that complain the most about Vista are the ones that don’t have or don’t use the operating system. Why is that? Could it be some form of conspiracy against Bill Gates? I have used Vista Home Premium and I am now using Vista Ultimate and I have the only complaint I have is that the computer won’t stay stay asleep. But is that really a problem when your computer wants to keep working when you don’t?

  35. I personaly have only had a few minor problems with Vista, because I know how to use a PC. My friends and family members on the other hand are not so PC savvy and they all hate Vista and won’t have anything to do with it.

    The biggest problem I have with Vista is that it does not do anything better or faster than XP, hence I don’t understand why Microsoft would expect people to pay exhorbitant prices to upgrade? madness.

  36. I have been using PCs with Microsoft OSs dating back to Windows 95. Currently I have an XP desktop and a Vista notebook with dual processors and 3 GB RAM. I am a CIS student and have found that while I am continually required to install this or that program for school, it is only the Microsoft products I have trouble with on my Vista notebook. In particular, Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger won’t always work – and yes, I do have to reboot every couple days at least.

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!

  37. I just upgraded to a 64 bit machine and have found Vista x64 to be a joy to use. The need for a faster computer was driven by the need to do video editing and to my surprise the built in Windows Movie Maker does everything I need. I am well on my way to convert 25 years of video tape to DVD. Of all the video products I researched, the Vista MM is the only one which is an actual 64 bit program.

  38. I am an Application Developer / Web Developer. I use and have used Vista x32/x64 as an early adopter since the day it went gold. I have yet to experience anything that remotely resembles failures or even a bsod(blue screen of death) of any sort.

    I even have a Intel PC Camera Pro connected to it and it works flawlessly with the built in drivers provided by Vista (both x32/x64).

    For the annoyance of UAC – I feel it is absolutely worth the extra annoyance as things are always changing while we become more interconnected with linux, unix, solaris or some such other flavor (insert macs here). These computer minglings tend to cause alot of freedom and distribution which in turn leads to hacks, cracks, malware and other such things that are hell bent on getting something illicitly. I for one prefer the extra added security. Even, though I develop doesn’t preclude me from accidently enabling a piece of arbitrary code leeched to a site.

    Additionally, the comments I read about Microsoft releasing an unfinished product is slighly biased and misinformed. A company typically will release a product in a schedule if that schedule is nearing you ditch the parts that are not complete or are causing to many problems, incompatibilities etc. (this happened with 95/98/XP as well, and believe it or not happens on linux, OSX and all the others).

    Patches from Microsoft are freely made available and honestly they are usually the ones that identify the problem first-hand by way of news, updates and notifications. A stale product an OS Should never be.

    I’d rather they gave me just the pure OS and allow me to expand it the way I want but, I am sure happy they allow for the modifications that they do. This is the failure of my adoption of any other OS as a ‘main’ usage platform.

    Essentially, from my perspective the Windows OS Vista – is a platform from which you can do just about anything and are not limited in scope rather, just the technology (hardware) its sitting on is limiting you.

    The reason for stability in XP Pro – is that as is tradition when a new OS is released the hardware requirements are generally too low at first and the cost prohibitive for an OEM to create a bundled system that uses those specs. Hence, alot of problems for some while others purchasing more expensive machines do not have a problem…

    Vista will run best with a good video card, updated chipset, dual core processor (though, reasonably well with a single core) and a plentiful amount of member 4GB optimizes the OS.

    For the buck, I have found nothing better and am pleased with the software.

  39. I have two laptops one xp and one vista, same exact laptop. I have to say xp is way better for some of the external devices you attach, way to many driver issues with vista. Just a simple example, I purchased a GPS for my car, and wanted to load updates to it. Well can’t be done in Vista, had to pull out laptop with xp. That is just one of many..

  40. Vista is just like any other OS – as soon as you start building your proverbial house of cards with 3rd party software, it will eventually get screwed up.

    Think a Mac will solve all your problems? You will have a harder time getting support for even more obscure problems and you will pay through the nose for it! My schools are full of them and they cost them an arm and leg to support compared to XP or 2000 PCs. People are so eager to pick on Microsoft, the one company that drove down prices and pushed the limits of our computers and shaped the internet. They are not a monopoly, just that good!

    I have not had any problems with Vista – only with HP, Norton, DLink and even Pitstop 2.0!!

  41. I first got a taste of Vista back in 2006/2007. I bought a computer that was released just months before Vista was, so HP offered me a free copy of the newest Microsoft and swore that the laptop I had just bought was going to work beautifully with it. I get my copy of Vista and install it while on deployment in 2007. The laptop HATED the new operating system. the 2 gigs of RAM that came with the laptop could not keep up with the OS, but that has been an underlying problem with Windows operating systesm since 95. The program problems that followed my “upgrade” where numerous and very frustrating, the most prevalent and aggrevating of which was the inability of iTunes and Vista to keep running. Once I removed all those programs that did not like running on Vista, the computer worked just fine. Then came the first Service Pack release from Microsoft, a month after installing my computer stopped working entirely. Of course Vista was not happy with just killing my laptop, it also took out my Terabyte portable hard drive. So I was without a laptop for a few months, not that big of a deal I still had two HP PCs that are running XP and a nice little Mac Mini that runs OS Leopard (the favorite of all of my little toys). I have just recently bought myself a new HP laptop, came with Vista pre-installed. After nearly 2 hours of dealing with the “experts” at Best Buy, I finally got home and got to work cleaning up all the pre-installed “features” that make Vista a typical Microsoft product. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed my new toy. The OS seems to be fairly stable, my dual core processors are not overtaxed, and now that Apple and Microsoft got their act together and have a version of iTunes that will work on a PC with Vista, eveything is just peachy keen. Am I surprised that Microsoft is releasing a brand new Operating System not even five years after coming out with Vista? No, and I won’t be surprised when Microsoft 7 looks even more like Mac OS X. I am expecting it.

  42. Vista was a horror story when it first arrived on the market. Those folks who have had good luck are in the minority. However, since SP1’s arrival the system’s program compatibility is better.

    Due to my service, I run both XP Pro and Vista Business on one machine, separate HD’s. Nice to navigate into one drive from the other when I need to find clean files for clients.

    I am plugging a program I have installed in the past month called Advanced Care. Wowzers! That program optimized Vista and made it run like a bat-of-hell. It’s true. Give it a try and see if Vista FLIES for you!

    Vista really is over-kill in so many areas. Admittedly, the Areo is nice looking but I only got wowed the first time I saw it. Since then I run Vista on Windows Classic theme, which was a major speed-up factor with 4Gbs RAM and an AMD Duo 5000 processor.

    I like Vista now that I have it complete stream lined, all unnecessary software removed, all processes and services disabled that do not need to run in my particular scenario.

    Vista was a nightmare and unless one has the perseverance to dig deep as an Advanced User or is an IT professional, Vista should be left alone until Windows 7 arrives. XP Pro is fast, stable and compatible and whether it XP or Vista I recommend sticking with 32bit. Mine flies and so will yours if you can tune it up.

    Happy Holidays!


  43. It’s all sour grapes and paranoia. Vista is stable, and does not crash anywhere near as much as XP, I have 32 and 64 bit versions running on laptops, desktops and even 8 core servers, all work perfectly. I also run MAC’s with Leopard and Tiger, Vista blows them all away. Yes you need RAM but Vista uses it properly. That’s all I can say.
    Vista rocks.

  44. What people expect is that an OS is not faulty. Vista is less than shit – period. There is no negative ball rolling here. It is what it is. Shonky Seppo shit.

  45. I was a Vista Beta tester for 1 whole year and it was the longest year of my life! Couldn’t wait to be back on my XP pro. Yes, I turned off all eye candy user resrictions and alot of other tweaks but still with 4gb ram it was a very big resource hog. I’m used to running 6-7 apps at a time and vista just don’t cut it. Maybe it’s all different now but im scared to load it. Just my .02 cents

  46. Christopher Weaver

    people forget that videocard comes into play vista needs a decent one to work correctly people just stop buying [profane] machines with intergrated graphics and you should be ok 4 gig dont mean squat if your graphics is a crappy intel x3100 get like 2 gigs of ram and a hell even an 8400gs is better then nothing and you shoud be fine i have a 9800gtz 74 gig raptor(10k rpm harddrive) and a terabyte secondary with 2 gigs or ram on a single core athlon 64 3500+ vista runs like a champ its even faster than xp in all cases to me alot of my programs dont run as good as that did on xp though but its nothing new if u guys hate vista that much go get ripped off and buy a mac

  47. I bought Vista about a year ago along with a Dell Vostro laptop – dual core cpu and 2GB memory. My experience was as follows:
    -Initally the system was very buggy and crashed frequently. A significant portion of the problem seemed to be in the Nvidia integrated video driver.
    -Over the course of the year, the crashes decreased, as I did the multiple driver updates that had become available. By late in 2008, system crashes were down to one or two a week (I’m a heavy user).
    -UAC was a nightmare, and I got rid of it.
    -Changing the desktop appearance to the “performance” setting, i. e. like xp, did help.
    -Operations across the network, like printing to a printer attached to another computer, were incredibly slow. The polar ice-cap would melt while waiting for .pdf to print.
    -I also used Microsoft “One-Care” for a period of time during the year. That was a nightmare, since updates in One Care and Vista had the effect of making it impossible to see other devices on my wireless network. One Care was rightfully put out it’s misery by Microsoft late this year.

    In the end, I decided to get rid of Vista, and installed a copy of XP that I owned. The experience is great. Although I miss the high definition graphics, the sstem is much faster – no more long waits for actions on remote devices on my wireless network, and significantly greater stability.

    All in all, my conclusion is that Vista is a product that isn’t suitable for lower end computers on the market today. While I’m sure that more powerful CPU’s with fast graphics cars having lots of memory can effectively use the system, Microsoft hurt itself by providing unrealistic hardware requirements that many existing computers simply don’t meet.

  48. Having been in a somewhat service desk type of operation, My observations are this:
    #1 75% of the troubles are self inflicted
    #2 75% or higher can’t even use the correct names for the software/hardware they are describing. And the problem descriptions are even harder to decipher.
    I truly believe computers are not able to put themselves in trouble, it requires lots of help
    by unwitting computer USERS!!!
    I can’t speak as to Vista, I do not use it, and I have little or no trouble with XP-PRO.
    It does everything that is needed in our operation, so see no need to change at this time. Like one person’s comment said “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”

  49. Well here is my two cents worth, I am a builder and 59 years old still playing games and tweaking, with many of my built hot machines out there tweaked to the point of being “great home machines” for gaming and whatever you can throw at it. I have done beta testing and have for years (since the 80’s). I tested and moved to Vista Ultimate on all my own machines 4 in the house, and all machines I have built for clients and dont understand what all the hubub is about. People are afraid to embrace change, and Vista has plenty of that, mostly in my opinion good. Sure there were driver problems but compared to the original “Windows” before 98 remember back then, we have come miles from the start of the race. If properly installed on a properly preped and built machine with maybe a little extra memory.
    My Vista machines using Intel processors have for the most part been…well not always rock solid, and an occasional crash but stay up 24/7 and keep running as long as typical housekeeping and updating is done as necessary on any operating system. I found that Microsoft software seems to like Vist fine and very few serious problems happen with proper planning. IE7 could use a few high school kids input added to it to spruce it up and make it shine, but Microsoft thinks their experience doesnt count even if half of their users fall in this category with a box of old games they try to shove down its throat. Windows 7 I feel should be a major SP2 or 3 not a whole reinvented wheel and not charged for to current Vista users. If you have problems with Vista you might seek out local help and get rid of some of your software you use once every 2 years and stay on top of tips from places like pcpitstop and others they do have some really good ideas to keep you up and stable. If you have really just had it with Vista I suggest you save up for a new machine that will let you enjoy its features, that I am sure will be the basis of Windows 7 when released. I am not trying to preach the word of “Gates” but they tried and did a fair to good job with Vista and when used on a level playing ground you will find it quite nice, without the bsod’s and the like. So quit complaining talk to some people and try again from the start and dont install it and then the same day install 15 old games in it and you might find “hey this isn’t so bad” especially in light of what we have had to work with in the past.

  50. Microjunk OS all bite when it comes to software issues. I might not have done a lot of DOS, but I do build my own computers. Getting windows anything to cooperate with installed hardware and it’s corresponding software is a royal pain in the butt. Add to that internet explorer 7.0 has major issues, as does windows media player upgrade. I use Firefox 3.0 for internet browsing and keep internet explorer 6.0 only due to it’s relation with windows explorer. I will stick with XP Pro until windows get all the issues with it prodigal son ironed out.

  51. Reading the zillions of comments slamming shogan’s report, and praising Bill Gates’s latest profitable scam (Vista), I had to wonder how many of those people work for Microsoft!
    As I have to upgrade soon, the only bit of info that made me happy was the one about the availability of new hardware without installed O/S. At the moment, I am running XP Home SP 2 (on 500 RAM and 80GB drive!), but use freeware for everything else (Mozilla, etc.); have not had a single crash requiring reinstalling XP for three years. But my new computer will have a Linux-based O/S – and Bill and his minions can go and [imagine rest]!

  52. I have also been around before DOS was introduced. I think that, to my dismay, generally most people now have not been afforded the advantages I have. I started out writing in machine code and then came along the “Interperter” & “Assembler”! All interpeters, and Windows is just another one, have their pluses and minuses. After you have been around a while, you not only loose your hair, but also become less tolerant of imperfection.
    I remember that Microsoft, and Windows, was founded on a dispute. A difference of opinion. Steve Jobes and Bill Gates spurned an idea in a California garage. The personal computer. They also started off in machine code with one distinct difference. They wanted an OS that was “User Friendly”. The culmination of this is that most OS’s are NOT user friendly. Steve wanted Icon’s, and Bill didn’t. The result? A split. One formed Microsoft, and the other Macintosh. A “Number Cruncher” and a “Graphics Engine”. Each is tailored to two very different market sectors. The Mac is great as a “Graphics Engine”. Hence, the graphic arts and printing industry loves it. Throw in the photography sector as a gift. The PC is great for Word Processing, Spreadsheets and statistical “Number Crunching”. A Mac it is not! And a Mac isn’t a PC!
    The Mac seems to be not addressed by viruses and spyware. The PC is. And, since most Mac applications are written by Apple, software compatibility issues are virtually non existent.
    I personally, find that I have settled down to two OS’s. QNX, written by Quantum Software Systems in Canada, and reluctantly Microsoft Windows XP Pro (SP2). I am a computer consultant and find that the “IT” tag on a name applies to many who are “A Jack of all Trades, and A Master of None”. A very small percentage really know what they are doing, proficiently.
    Vista? It’s “An Accident Looking for a Place to Happen”! You might as well throw money at a wall and expect it to stick. It won’t! It needs an extra GIG of memory to load and operate. Hooray for those selling memory. It’s slow, and I have a problem with messages that show me no progress other than a spinning disk. Telling me that the operation will either take several minutes, or several hours. It always takes hours! It may have evolved for Marketing purposes. I say “If it Ain’t Broke, don’t try to Fix It”. Sure XP lacks Vista’s features. I’ll suffer the loss in exchange for stability. SP1, SP2 or whatever ….. they are only “Band Aids” for a wound that doesn’t want to be healed. Maybe that’s why Microsoft’s fix is Windows 7. Or is this just another “Band Aid” and learning curve.

  53. I had a lot of problems with directx 10 initally on my new gamer but it now seems to be stable after a wipe/install of 64 bit home premium. I am running 8 gigs of 4-4-4-12 ram and it is much faster than my old 4 gig xp machinr.

  54. I started with DOS 1.0. Used a TRS-80 before that.

    I have Vista Premium running on a Core 2 Duo with 4 GB memory.

    Vista runs fine. Best user interface of all the various Microsoft Operating Systems that I have used. With 4 GB it is reasonably fast.

    For those having problems:
    1. turn off the uac (user acceptance controls) in control panels–> users. The best time to do this is immediately after you get Vista. If you do it later, you will have to fix the locations for your Outlook mail file. With UAC on, the mail file is stored in a weird location and Outlook is told that it is in c:program files. Vista with UAC does not like to have any program data there. Google this problem and fix it.

    2. Put in lots of memory. The more the faster Vista runs.

    3. The user interface has changed. Accept that and get over it. The new ui is mostly better. Set control panel to the classic view that you are using now. You did that when you went to Win XP and have since forgotten that you didn’t like the way XP organized the control panel.

    4. Don’t install sp betas. The reason it says “beta” is that it has not yet been fully tested with all possible driver and hardware configurations. If you play with fire, you will get burned. But, that is your fault. Don’t complain.

    5. Don’t listen to the blogger “shogan”‘s warning about sp2 beta. He has not tried it. A writer is responsible to test something before analyzing it. That is his job. He doesn’t know anything about sp2 that you don’t know. It is a beta. Don’t put a beta on a system that you depend on. That is all that he should have said based on what he knows.

  55. Hi

    I have been a BIG Windows fan since 3.2, and now have Vista Ultimate SP2 (Beta) in stalled, I basically never have problems that were not of my own making.



  56. Sounds like the same old song. I’m an old DOS user, Favorite program was DOSSHELL, And Ive noticed a repeating pattern here. When the OS first arrives, some bugs need to be worked out, some hardware needs to be updated and some old software won’t be compatible … hmmmm sounds like the release of 98 , 98SE, ME, 2000, NT ETC …. I just don’t adopt an OS till it has a few SPs under it’s belt and I don’t insist on using that 6 year old, no longer supported updated FAVorite wizbang, program that I just can’t live without. This ain’t rocket science people. Oh ….. wait … maybe it is . That might explain why I saw a family sitting on the floor in Wallyworld comparing the computers. Being the computer literate and semi- nice guy I am I asked if I could help. WHile explaining what they needed I asked a few pointed questions and found out that the family didn’t have seperate logons for the parents and the kids, did NOT understand the importance of having ACTIVE security programs and dowloaded content willy nilly from anywhere they found it …. anywhere. Hmmm …. there old (3 month old) computer quit working and no one , including support, can get it out of it’s boot loop.
    Seems to me most of the problems associated with bad computer experiences come from bad computer habits and lack of experience , training and or education. Most computers and or new software come with instructions and or tutorials …. Ah, that’s right “We don’t need no stinkin instructions” Seems to be the current motto … Don’t learn HOW to use or work something ” Just do it” And gripe when is doest work. Sorry for the rant, but the stupidification, my word, of society has been annoying me for quite some time, and I see no end in sight for this “Just do it, figure it out later” Mentality.

  57. I have had BSOD issues.The Nvida Drivers are causing lots of issues. I also had to deal with the more than 2 gig issue on Vista by downloading a patch.I had an in-com issue that I think fried 1 motherboard,(while trying to use a software in windows to update some bios settings).My advice is, if you don,t have more than 1 computer, stay away from Vista for now.IF you are a gamer and can spend a lot of time getting your computer up and running smoothly than go for it, (you need it for dx10).

  58. I just can’t figure out why so many websites slam vista. I’m a late starter. I didn’t get into computers till win 95. With ever new release of a OS you have some issues that first year or so. Most are fixed by service pack 1. Remember ME, now that was a lame duck.
    My only complaint about Vista is IE7. It’s so bad I turned to firefox. But other than that I a happy with vista.

  59. @Mark:
    Yes I’m sure I’m talking about XP. My desktop came new with XP installed, not too long after XP came out. For the most part it is stable, but Vista has been way more stable than XP ever was for me. As for reloading XP on my machine, most of the time it’s been because of an update from MS that got boogered up and there was no way to roll back. Even the much touted System restore was a failure. Shrug, it happens. As for my PCs at work, they are used to run the equipment we use, and must interface with other computers that do the actual driving of the machines. Conflicts happen. Sometimes it’s the fault of the motion control computer, sometimes XP forgets where the Network connection with the other computer is and has to be rebooted.

    @Ron Graves: For a lot of people in a lot of environments, XP is great. I love it, at least on my desktop… but not enough to downgrade my notebook from Vista. Since SP2 I’ve not had to reload XP, and for the most part I only have to reboot or turn off my old cranky desktop when it gets tired and asthmatic. On the other hand, my fiancee has to take her XP box back to the shop at least once a year because XP has developed some nasty glitches that just can’t be worked out of the system–most times due to an update that gets hung up or fried as far as we can tell. It’s still a good OS, and one I would recommend, but yes, it still has issues at times.

    @all: as has been mentioned above, this same lot of whining and moaning (about the exact same issues) was prevalent when XP first came out. I know, i was using 98se at the time and looking to see what XP was all about. One of my friends was a tester for MS and received one of the first RTM copies to come out. He had a crap load of trouble getting it to install, it didn’t work with any of the software he used in his store, and other than “eye candy” seemed to offer nothing over 98se. (sound familiar?)

    Now that vista has hit the stage, XP is gold and Vista get it’s time in the spot light as The crappy new OS by MS.

    one last thing, in regards to UAC and it’s prompts. Go search for Tweak UAC. this will allow you to put it into silent mode which suppresses the annoying everyday nags by Vista but still lets the really critical ones through.

  60. I originally had slowness and crashing on my Dell Inspiron laptop that came with Vista and made such a fuss they kindly sent me an XP CD.

    I did a clean install with XP and all worked great except that the old XP bug with Office reared it’s ugly head – the one where you click on a link to a program and it loads just fine but click on a link to a data file and it take around two minutes to load.

    In the end I took the bull by the horns and went back to my Vista CD and “upgraded” the computer. However this time Vista just flew and is still flying. Overall I prefer Vista to XP for various reasons including the security ones.

    Maybe a lot of Vista complaints were the result of badly implemented OEM versions – all I know is the next Dell I bought which was a desktop has worked fantastically out of the box.

    Now tell me this – why does XP work faster, amnd with lower resources, on my laptop when in an emulator under Ubuntu Linux than in it’s native state ?

  61. I bought a new Acer laptop with VISTA home basic. I have been told that the premium versions work better, but have not yet tried that. My main complaint is the slowness of VISTA. Secondly is the lack of drivers for so many things I want to run.
    I uploaded the SP2 the other day, and now the video is not present. The mouse pointer shows, on startup you get a blue screen with not enough time to read more than 1 or 2 lines, something about USB ports being not less or equal, then it goes blank on you. Safe mode does the same thing. Hopefully I will get it figured out soon.

  62. I, too, installed Vista Home Premium the day it was released. I bought it as an upgrade and had some difficulty with the install, but an engineer in Redmond spent a lot of time on the phone with me to get the issue resolved. Kudos to him. After that…smooth sailing. I really like this OS.

  63. I have been putting off installing vista sp1 on a hp desktop
    32bit w/vista home premium because of warnings from pcpitstop. have all the problems been resolved and is it safe to instal sp1?

    Also is it safe to instal sp3 on my gateway desktop w/xp pro?

  64. Neil Plucknett, I thought I was the only one who remembers CPM/s. Ha! I too have had no complaints about Vista. In fact, my 3D modeling programs have never run better.

  65. Vista is a huge joke because it works fine as long as you dilute it to XP level. You might as well use XP if you turn off the “eye candy” and use Windows Classic themes and “performance” settings. I use Ubuntu for everything except games which are all written for Windows systems. Once games are playable on other operating systems that are affordable unlike Apple Microsoft will finally be history..I hope.

  66. I have used most Microsoft systems since dos. I think Windows ME was the worst, and was prepared for Vista trouble. New desktop, 2 mb ram and Vista Home Premium a year ago. Only had 1 problem – no compatible driver for an old Dell printer. The rest has been great. No blue screens of death, only a few pesky “permission” messages. I do mostly accounting and MD office programs, plus housekeeping programs. I wouldn’t change. SP2 beta loaded easily – no problems.

  67. I have been building rigs for years. When I built my last rig, I checked as best as I could to make sure of compatability issues, and only used software I was reasonably sure of. I have had no problems that I couldn’t sort out. Maybe a lot of complaints against Vista are because of shops not getting it right in the compatability stakes first instead of thinking of getting another sale.

  68. I have been using Vista Home Premium SP1 since it came out.At present I am using it on an AMD Athlon powered homebuild with anAthlon 64×2 5600+ 2.89 dual processor on a MSI board with 4Gb ram.I have had no serious problem on any computer I have run it on and boot up time on my present computer is about 1 minute.I will probably wait for the final build of SP2 but may try it on my “test bed” which i keep for beta.I use One care Live for security and find it fine.I think the bottom line is keep security and maintenance up to date a little time spent now saves lots later”

  69. i bought my laptop in iraq so had no update options for a 15 months.

    i couldnt install most games, the games i could install crashed or locked the system.
    first thing i did was turn off all eye candy,i dont like eye candy, i like performance over looks.

    im at a decent level of computer knowledge.
    my main problems with vista is internet connection.
    wi-fi is my biggest problem.

    i cant manually re-set ip address through windows.only through manufacture’s connection program

    i have counted 5 different locations on the computer that i can access and control where i connect to netorks but all lead to the same location as a default when they refuse to connect and that function is totally usesless because it will not recognize ANY network.

    when i open wi-fi networks and attempt to connect, vista tells me that windows is not set to automatically connect to the network.

    i manually enter the wi-fi infromation and get the same problem.the only solution i found is just doing it over and over untill it finally accepts it.

    firefox – will sometimes just lock up for a short time waiting for resources to complete its actions.

    pidgin – will occasionally cash when resouces become full.

    i have automatic update on and when i go do something that leaves me from the computer for a short time and come back, updates was installed and i didnt tell it to postpone and the timer ran i have to wait for boot up but i got to find what i was doing and start it up again.load up my programs due to the fact i dont let programs auto start to make windows start faster.

    vista got the blue screen and crashed once,microsoft recommended bios update.
    updated and wi-fi and sound stopped working.
    downloaded latest wi-fi driver from manufacture.
    wouldnt work even after reboot.

    got off work one day and it was working on its own.
    sound refused to work for a full month untill i got fed up with trying to fix it everyday and give up after an hour so.
    came home on leave where i had a fast connection and spent all day trying to get it to work.
    downloaded the sound drivers and isntall would get so far and it would get an error message.went into safe mode and installed, it installed fully but when i rebooted to normal running mode, sound didnt work.

    so i tried updating other drivers, most the drivers would install but still show out of date so i tried safe mode with networking and repeated. same issue but sound worked again once i rebooted to normal mode.

    vista firewall stopped working,maybe virus but every virus that made it past the firewall got snagged my anti-virus.

    had to do a cmd prompt reset of firewall cuz through windows firewall said i wasnt admin and i was.

    alot of programs i used in iraq to pass when i did have down time crashed often.

    near the end of deployment, vista was choosy about dvds i could watch then suddenly lock up.

    now that i have had the time and a fast connection, vista is running problem free if i dont want to connect to a network but its still a resource hog.

    the hardware is really good but im to lazy to list it here.

  70. I am a Technet subscriber, hence have been using Vista in all its iterations for quite some time.
    At the moment I am typing this on a Dell XPS M1530 (Product Red, Ultimate) purchased April’08. Rig is the best Dell had available ie T9500, 4gb ram, geForce 8600m, 200gb 7200rpm HD, DVDBT tuner, fingerprint reader, and so it goes.
    Problem was that it arrived just prior to the public release of SP1, which I have never been able to install, and much to my chagrin, there was absolutely no support from both Dell & MSFT. It simply will not install in this machine
    However, using the aforementioned Technet subscription, am now running x64 Ultimate (many thanks to the posters’ on a notebook forum, indeed there is even a wiki for driver support).
    Now, bottom line is that Vista x64 is an entirely different animal to x86, and needless to say am running Build 6002 v.133 which is working a treat.
    But, XP will always utilise system resources in a more resourceful manner than Vista, no matter the build (yep, pun intended).
    As an aside, have since upgraded this to 2x4gb sticks, and WD Scorpion 250gb 7200rpm HD with 16mb cache, and undervolted with RMClock to performance on demand, runs much cooler and efficiently.
    Yet, still takes 16 minutes to crack & burn a DVD!

  71. I resent Vista. Greatly.

    I have to pay significantly more for hardware and OS to run a system that is slower than my old machine. And for what?

    More security? I suggest that XP security is adequate. Are the DP types at the Fortune 500 companies who refuse to move to Vista going to put the company at risk for the sake of a few dollars? Not in my experience.

    More user features? The only thing I would miss from my Vista Ultimate setup is Hold’Em Poker.

    Microsoft has a flawed operating system which it is trying to force on the PC world in order for it continues its historic profitibility pattern, regardless of the cost to PC users. I suggest that my resentment is reasonable

  72. @ Henry Krohn
    It was time for me to get a new PC and since you can’t buy anything but with Vista installed…

    Not so. A couple of months ago I bought a base unit without an OS, added a copy of XP Home, and 2 gigs of memory and now have a nice, fast and above all stable system. A quick look around the Web shows that base units without a pre-installed OS are pretty widely available.

    Sorry Scott Smith, but XP is the most stable OS MS have ever produced(and I’ve used every version from 3.1 except ME), and I’ve never needed to reinstall it, though I have done so several times for a friend who manages to keep screwing up hers – in my experience, XP problems are user-induced.

    There is one thing though – on new machines I’ve often had to re-install a pre-installed OS because it had been so badly installed by the manufacturer. Maybe this sort of clunkiness is, at least in part, behind the Vista rep, though there’s no getting away from the fact that it’s a bloated monster, no matter how well it works.

    Brad has a point, too. I’ve lost count of MS updates that have cause problems. I’ve always set Auto Update to notify me, not to install automatically. That way updates that aren’t applicable can be ignored, and known trouble-makers, like .NET Framework (which apparently does nothing but make my machine glacially slow), can be consigned to oblivion.

  73. Merry Christmas to all. I have been a reluctant user of the Microsoft OS’s from the start I still have a laptop running 3.11 (lost the earlier version) even have it online, took ages but hey that’s what geek fun is all about.
    Anyhow Vista Ultimate (64) is a great OS in many ways, but, that is outwayed by the total annoyance of the incessant validation of commands even the most basic click can come with 2 or 3 yes/no/cancels, Admin rights, and many other annoying Windows tickles (anytime windows feels lonely it will become the biggest bunny boiler and need you to tickle it’s icons to make it happy again).

    XP Pro (64) Is a fantastic OS but lacks the support it should have had. Why is it through the history of computers, OS’s develop at about 2-4 year gaps to the hardware, yet it has taken over 12 years and still most pc’s are still running 32 bit software? How come new 64 dual/quad core machines are being hobbled with 32 bit software? Why is it that my Mandriva 2009 (64)[Linux to those not in the know] has total 64 bit software support, does not annoy me for validation of commands and blows the kernel out of Windows. Why is it that most software houses, including game studios, are still in 32 bit world? Why have we been sold a lie? Come on it’s time for the 64bit revolution before we hit 128/256 bit hardware.

    I would say Vista has a bad rep’ like XP when it first came out but now that there are more users online all it takes is one bad move and the world hates you. Microsoft could have done better by listening to the longhorn testers but as always MS thought it knew better than it’s customers. UNLUCKY.

    Have a great New Year and take care of those who care for you.

  74. I too, have been using Vista for a year now. I started with the Radio Shack Trash-80s and from there I have used, installed and upgraded every windows OS (including server editions). Vista is far and above, the best thing MS has come up with. I understand if you have expensive software, and you can’t upgrade due to non-comp issues, but the hype against Vista is extremely unwarranted. When XP came out, there were so many problems with it. before SP2 I had a system crash, every 2 months or so. I have had Vista home premium for a year with no problems whatsoever.
    Henry, I think maybe your problem is with HP. I have owned a couple and have had driver issues with both(XP) I have a Dell now and have no issues with it and I use an HP F300 printer.
    Vista, to me, is a stepping stone into a new way of PC computing. It has a lot of great features, and a great platform in which to build on. Media center is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I have it set up to manage all of my media and run it on my 52″ HDtv.

  75. I recently purchased a new laptop which came with vista premium. I was going to wipe Vista and install Ubuntu. I prefer Ubuntu still but Vista wasn’t as bad as I had heard. I have an Alienware M17 and Vista is still slow…but stable. Considering the power of my system I would have figured Vista to be faster. I will not uninstall vista but I will dual boot to Ubuntu. After all, Vista does have DirectX 10 and I am a gamer at heart, even thought I’m 40.

    Might I add… I also remember these same comments from people when XP was launched. Power hungry, memory hog, buggy, I wish they had just fixed 98se, etc.etc. And now some or most of us are doing the same with vista/XP.

    If we want to complain…complain about the price. If Microsoft wants to charge so much for its product it should be flawless out of the box on day 1. Since MS obviously releases its products in an unfinished state the price should reflect that.

  76. I’ve ben using Vista since it came out and other than the sometimes slow shutdowns I haven’t had any problems – which leaves me wondering if most of what we keep reading from the “pros” in print isn’t just repeat manifestations of the well-known ” I hate Microsoft because they’re so big” syndrome. Certainly my experience has never shown me anything that bears out the constant whining they call product review…

  77. It seems that most new WIndows OS go through a process of rejection and acceptance. While Vista is resource intensive and requires 2GB of RAM to run well (3GB may be even better), a Dual Core CPU like an AMD Athlon64 X2 4600+ or better, the crucial factor revolves around well written software drivers and applications. Case in point are the NVIDIA Geforce drivers (such as the 8600 GT). The performance gain (at least on Dell Desktops) when updating the drivers to latest version (Oct 2008) from the previous (Sep 2008) was enormous. This sentiment has been expressed by many “experts” but I was ready to dismiss Vista as a lethargic elephant until I experienced the change myself.

  78. I’ve read all the negativity about Vista and have watched the Apple ads, yet I happily carry on with my Dual-boot Ultimate 32-bit and Home 64-bit systems. I was leery of switching to 64-bit, but have found that I rarely boot to my 32-bit install. I love Vista and have no problems with it.

    The only thing I can agree with are the silly Ultimate “Extras” only available to owners of that system. They offer nothing as an incentive to fork out extra dough.

    And yes, I have been using Windows since Workgroups 3.1, before that… MS-DOS.

    I have a handful of friends that have decided to move to Mac and I don’t blame them, but I never will. Long live Microsoft!

  79. I’m glad all you folks are happy with Vista. My copy on my new HP laptop ran all of about a month or two before the lock up and resets started.

    It finally siezed up and that’s all folks. Reformat and reinstall from the recovery console. Then restore from Carbonite. Thank goodness for that.

    Vista does seem to work better lately. Probably the upgrades slipping in every now and then.

    Never had any issues with XP. Loved it. Vista not so much. My two cents.

  80. Not sure why people hate vista, I’ve run Vista Business 64bit as well as Vista Ultimate 32bit on my home computer and never had any complaints. ((other than the fact that not enough software is compatible with 64bit OS, not MS’s fault))

    So far I think a lot of the bad experiences come from lack of hardware and ignorance. I’ll give it to Apple, they have run a successful smear campaign.

  81. Sorry guys but the Vista bashing is getting older than most of my underwear. I took you guys seriously at first but couldn’t back up any of your woes and with a few exceptions (and mostly SUE’s) nobody else I know has issues either. I run XP, Vista, and a few flavors of Linux and can find minor faults with all of them. By now though, if you can’t say anything nice…

  82. I was initially a vista hater! I have run MS software since DOS days (I have a vmware set with DOS running) I am now running Vista Business at my office and Vista Ultimate at home.
    Both installs were flawless the only trouble I had was At the Office: Firebird DB server – the control app for v1.5 causes windows explorer to crash. Home: My Lexmark printer isn’t compatible (that just gave me an excuse to by a new printer 🙂 )
    I will shy away from sp2 for a while after it is released I always wait at least 2 months before installing a service pack.
    Here is a kicker for some to mull over, My office PC that runs vista, is a P4 2.6 with 1.25gb RAM.. Because of the nature of my work (which includes a lot of end user support) I purposely installed it on this system and quite shockingly it’s performance is not as bad as some would expect.
    Home PC is core 2 Duo 2.6 2GB ram 1GB Gforce 9800 and is smokin’ fast

    Home versions of any windows OS are horrible. XP home was the pits and Vista home basic and premium are too limited for what I do. A colleague of mine has new home premium setup and my office PC is faster and more stable than it is!!!

  83. Personally, I bought a laptop with Vista Home Premium on it, and it was all messed up. Locking up all the time, I could never shut it off properly

    But then I did a total recovery on it, and it has run flawless everyday since. Its a 64 bit version and I have run into no software or driver issues.

    One thing I made sure of, is when i got it there were a ton of updates waiting. I sorted them in order of release, downloaded 5-10 a day and that was it until I had them all caught up. I think flooding the computers with updates corrupts them

  84. As a tech helper for seniors computers.(for Free), NONE of them could work with Vista. As a Non computer User the constant popups made them scared to do anything, and continueing to click NO on every screen basically stopped them from even getting into My Documents, I found it stupid, really stupid to try and turn everything off until they basically had a resource hog XPPro machine. It was maddening to find various programs they had bought weren’t recognized by Vista. Are New Senior computer users supposed to know how to trouble shoot??????? Luckily Dell and HP still produce XP Pro O/S. a little less than half have gone that way and I updated to SP2 only, as SP3 is a Comp Killer, making XP unstable.
    All are very pleased. No issues and I haven’t had to return to change anything for a few months. The Seniors who really wanted comps that they could send and recieve email, pictures, and video’s and not much else I recommended Mac o/s, again all now have a simple interface to do what they wanted.
    I have 263 programs installed on my 3 year old xp pro, sp2. I have had to do a repair format once in 2006 due to my stupidity, otherwise just updating to 2gig ram, and audio video update, $132.00, I often laugh at my 33 second bootup to desktop, while twiddling thumbs with Vista user’s booting up, and a 3 second internet page open for most sites.
    Vista User’s have gotten used to the few programs they have and some resource hog eye candy. No wonder Mac is now the laptop’s in front of electronics stores while Vista machines are in the rear. Microsoft Chairman admitted some weeks ago that Vista is not what they wanted in an 0/S, which is why they are Accellerating Windows 7 which will only take 578mil bytes for the whole O/S. Tech Geek sites note that while Microsoft is saying windows 7 will be built on Vista Platform, those working in beta form notice a Tweaked Stable XP interface showing up. Unless microsoft starts making an O/S that Baby Boomers can use simply without hassle, Mac will take over and surpass in sales, within the next 2 Years.

  85. ‘I know firsthand how hard it is to get a good working installation of Vista.’

    And you are considering installing a BETA program of ANY nature? Please, be happy you know how to reload your XP installation and stop commenting about Vista.

  86. My problem with Vista is that the computer I purchased from HP has Vista Home Premium installed. The computer is expandable to 8 GB of memory, but It won’t recognize the “extra memory I purchased because it is a 32 bit-OS. I never had that problem with XP.

  87. I use Vista Home Basic and have had no problems what so ever. I do think that an SP2 would help with minor bugs. Now about Windows 7, Does anyone remember the last time when Microsoft released an os right after they releasd a new one?…It sucked. If i can remember it was Millinium. I personally think Microsoft is wasting their time.

  88. installed SP2 three weeks ago-everything went fine-agree with the above comments regarding bad press about Vista-my installation works great-just turn off the annoying messages and have plenty of ram to work with

  89. @Scott Smith – Sure you’re not confusing your XP with Win98? XP is known to be very stable, and I’ve personally had it running (no reinstall) for 5 years. Only a few times have I ever had to hard-reset because of crashed progs.

  90. I could not agree more with the comments of those who find Vista a fine OS. I grew to dislike XP intensely, and in every respect Vista is an improvement. I use a number of custom programs for lawyers, such as Amicus Attorney, and they all are faster and more efficient with Vista. I really wonder what the reason is for the negative press about Vista from so-called experts. Surely Apple doesn’t have sufficient influence to hype the so-called problems. Interestingly, Microsoft has sold the hell out of Vista and their earnings are contrary to the recession affecting so many companies. I never understood why their stock doesn’t soar.

  91. Vista has been given a bad rap by people who are cluless. I have been using PC’s since before DOS (CPM) and Vista when tuned (XP also has to be ‘tuned’) is work great.

  92. I have Vista Business. I’ve had a chance to play around with Windows 3.1, 3.1.1 for workgroups, NT, 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home , XP Pro, Vista Home Premium, and Vista Biz now. Some experience with Server 2003. (as well as an alpha leak of Windows 7. definitely stay away from that. Really not much changed from Vista anyway. ) Out of all of those, only Windows ME was the least stable. I had to reinstall the OS every 5 months or so. The only real problem I’ve had with Vista is when the Beta Service Packs come out, they knock out my reliability test that you find in right clicking computer and manage. It’s been dead since I got the Alpha in October. Not a major thing but annoying because I’d just gotten it working above a 5 rating. But far more stable than XP hands down. I’ve also played with some Linux, but only ubuntu comes close to maybe Vista Home Prem. Biz and higher have been alot of fun. If Windows 7 looks the way it does in Alpha, there’s really no point for me to upgrade from Vista to 7. The underlying Vista system is still there, it also runs things slightly faster, but the GUI sucks or is really confusing. XP Pro is still really good but XP Home, get Vista Home Prem or better.

  93. I have also read negative comments about Vista yet I am another one not experiencing the negativity. I too started with DOS. I have had Vista Ultimate since it was released and only had one issue re a scanner driver which the manufacturer decided not to update, the rest has been excellent. I too do not like downloading Beta software perfe to wait for the glitches to be ironed out instead of complaining about those glitches.

  94. It was time for me to get a new PC and since you can’t buy anything but with Vista installed, I went for a a well equipped HP, Core Duo Processor, 4 GB RAM memory. Vista Premium. However my first problem started getting a download of a Vista driver for my HP 3 in 1 Printer, C-4180. I spend 5 nites, 7PM to 1AM on the phone with HP Cust. Service in Argentina & Philipines. They even sent me a complete new set of Vista disks, which took a slow delete & re-formatting of a 650 Gig HD and a new installation which took a total time of 5 hours, again with no positive results. It would have been simplier to send me a disk for the Printer. I could not download AVG, Picasa 3 and several programs I am using. I needed a Vista Driver for a Gate Oponer, Doorking. Went to their site to find it, but no luck. Called them and they told methere is one available, went to my wife’s PC, a simple Compaq with Vista Home, went to the site and there it was. My fancy HP could not read the site the same way.
    I returned the PC and got a $200 more expensive HP PC with Vista 64 bit. Again no luck with the Printer update to run on Vista.
    It is not an old Printer, a year maybe. After the first note on the phone with HP Cust. Service I returned that PC too. I bought myself parts and build a new one and stuck with XP Pro. Core Duo E-7200 Processor and 2 GB of RAM. New SATA HD & CD-DVD player. I think I have a recehorse in comparison to the slow starting HP PC’s with Vista.
    I just don’t understand why my wifes PC with Vista Home runs most of the programs I do, like AVG & Picasa 3 and Doorking, but the PC’s I bought would not let me install anything. I unchecked all the Security checks Vista has build in. Maybe it is hardware that causes most of the complaints?
    Now I am waiting for Windows 7.
    Right now I have the fastest PC I ever owned and I am depending on XP Pro until then

  95. I have used Vista Basic and Home Premium and love the new OS. I have had very few problems with compatibility and my system runs smooth. If I have had any problems I imagine that they were the same type of issues I had when I upgraded to W95, W98 or XP and now I am very happy. Sometimes I think that a few people report a issue and then others read about the problem and the negative chain gets started, but I am (again) happy with my current version of Vista Home Premium.

  96. I was using Xp on desktop and have since bought laptop with Vista Home Premium.I feel Vista is far supperior to Xp.I have even upgraded desktop to Vista and wow,a lot quicker.The aero effect in Vista is awsome as well.I also take advantage of the Ready Boost program available on Vista at no charge.I presently use 4 gigs of ram on both my computers and have 4 gigs of memory plugged in on my flash drive for ready boost.What a great program that is,which Xp does not offer for free.To sum it all up I just find that Vista is a lot smarter and supereior op. syatem to xp.I never thought I would hear mysef say that.And like Marvin Vinson says,you have to have the right hardware to take advantage of Vista as it was supposed to be.

  97. Windows Vista has been rock solid on my system since I installed over a year ago and I cannot find any complaints that I would have about the O/S. Being the eye candy type of person that I am, I upgraded my system to include more video, memory, and hard drive horsepower – system still runs like a champ. Only complaint I might have is the long boot up time which I have learned to deal with – I grab a cup of coffee and then logon as usual! 🙂 I believe that some of that boot time is the drivers for my HP printer – they were slow loading in XP and still slow loading in Vista. Overall – good experience here – I’d recommend it.

  98. I have had Vista Home Premium for eighteen month on a desk top and a notebook. I bought both with 1mb and had to upgrade to 2mb almost immediately because of performance issues because Vista takes up so much room.

    My biggest complaints are the annoying messages when you wish to do something, and that it does not seem to work as well with IE7 and Outlook 2003 (2002?) as they did on XP.

    Additionally, it seems that security suites duplicate some of Vista’s functions and that they slow down the system. Again, these same products did not act this way under XP. While this is probably the issue with the 3rd-party software’s operability under the OS; it’s also Microsoft’s responsibility to make their OS backward compatible. If they can’t make it backward compatible, they need to define areas of non-compatibility much more explicitly than they do.

    Finally, I hope they have learned not to remove previous OS versions from either OEM delivery or support as soon as they deliver a new version. The new OS needs to be able to stand on its own, without having the marketing/support departments assist by discontinuing the old.

  99. I too am a long-time Windows user (since Windows 3.0 and before). I have two laptops and a desktop with Vista and I really like the OS. I haven’t had any major problems with the OS, just some minor software comp. issues. Vista runs smooth on all three computers with no problems. Vista is a good OS. I’m sure that Microsoft will improve in the future as they always tend to do.

  100. I have used many Microsoft operating systems in my time, and to be honest when i first got vista ultimate i was horrified; as everytime i tried to install the OS it just didn’t want to install and kept coming up with the BSOD. When i started doing research on the BSOD it was all about memory, run a memory check and of course modules were faulty, after that vista installed fine not a single problem.(Seemed to me that Vista is extremely temperamental toward memory, managed to install XP with the faulty modules with no noticable instability with the OS but Vista certainly didn’t like it)
    Vista has a few annoying features which can of course be turned off, but to be honest i like having features like the user account settings, makes me feel at ease that some programs can’t run without your permission. The only thing i didn’t much like probably due to the fact that i have a 64bit edition of the OS is that the wireless device i have in my computer does go haywire every now and again but to be honest i can put up with that, until newer drivers are availble. As for the SP2 i haven’t downloaded the Beta, i tend not to download Beta’s i like having the completed version ready to use, though i do like hearing about them.

  101. I think people are giving Vista a bad rap all for nothing.Those who are having problems probally don’t have the suffucient hardware to run it in the first place.

  102. I’ve been having this argument with people since i first got my gateway laptop a year and half ago. I’ve not had any of the “so-called” problems that have been touted here and elsewhere across the web. While I have had a few problems, none have required me to reinstall Vista from scratch, a problem that I’ve had to face with XP since i first got it years and years ago. I’ve stopped counting the number of times i had to reinstall XP, although I did have to do so at least twice within in the first year.

    While my XP machine is stable, and the ones I use at work are too, most have required a restart at least once a week because of hung programs or such. With Vista, my notebook stays up and running for weeks at a time with no crashed or hung programs.

    I think a lot of the problems are caused by people how are “experts” diving in and changing things they really should keep their mouses off of… such as disabling services or trying to tweak software or hardware for maximum performance, not that I’m against tweaking either, but one of the costs can be instability if you tweak just a little too far.

    I tried the beta for Vista SP2 for a couple of weeks and my machine was rock solid the whole time and overall seemed to perform a bit better than before. The only reason I removed it is because a couple of programs I use in the background haven’t been updated for SP2 yet and didn’t work like they should. Overall though system performance and stability was good, and both the install and uninstall went quickly and with no problems.

    In my opinion the above article is a piece of FUD.

    Other than that, I do want to say thanks to the guys who run the site for some great software I’ve gotten over the years, both through them, and from articles that mentioned other software.

  103. I use Vista Ultimate x64 and used XP x64 before that. I had more problems with XP than I have with Vista, and all the problems I had with both were because of using software or peripherals that were not x64 compatible.

    I had to replace a 7 year old scanner and a 5 year old printer (probably about time) and run some software in compatibility mode (not a big problem).

    I find Vista to work with no problems in my day to day personal tasks (web browsing / email / music / videos / gaming) and in work (web design / development).

    I can’t see what the problem everyone *still* seems to have with Vista.

  104. Like Lloyd, Adrian and Jerry above (below?), I’m quite satisfied with Vista’s performance to date on this Gateway laptop. I don’t expect perfection from MS any more than I do from my car, my doctor or my government officials; I always have to trust my own skill and judgement in the end.

    Yes, program compatibility is my constant companion while I surf for good freeware…but isn’t it always?

    I may not be much of a geek (my desktop is still W98) but I am a great housekeepper — cleaning; organizing; either putting things back where they belong or making new space for what I want to keep and trashing the rest; reading manufacturer labels before washing; writing down the details I won’t remember later. That’s how I work at work, home and on a keyboard…what’s the difference?

    Thanks, PCPitstop, for this opportunity to say something nice about an O/S I just hated to have to settle for at first. –DMW

  105. I’ve been using various O/S’s since CPM/S (now that dates me!) and thus far Vista has behaved well for me. I tend to do a fair bit of CAD work and RDMS related works as I’m an Oracle DBA by trade and went for the 64 bit install to get the max memory usage and the only problems have been old levels of Software not reacting well with the O/S. But thats always been the same throughout Windows history.

  106. I too am a long time PC user that has used most all of MS Operating Systems. I’ve built/repaired many systems.

    When I chose to upgrade my hardware about 9 months ago, I chose a new system that came with Vista Home version.

    I’ve heard and read a lot of the negative commentary concerning Vista but decided to find out for myself.

    To date, I have been extremely pleased with Vista Home!

    As most folks already know, Vista is a memory hog! 2GB Ram being the bare minimum. With memory as inexpensive as it is, this should not even be an issue with users.

    Also as most already know, Vista works best with all the eye-candy stuff turned OFF!

    It’s my belief at this point, that all the negativity surrounding Vista is hype! It’s the misery loves company syndrome gone mad!!!

    So I say to folks, don’t be afraid to use Vista! Just be sure you have enough RAM (2GB min) in your system. Turn off as much eye-candy features as you can and just enjoy using it!

  107. i have had vista from the begining and also have had no problems at all. of course i keep my system in good shape. Yes i did start with unix a long time ago and dos, etc.

  108. I’m still on SP1 Vista, I’ve been a user since DOS though. Any problems I have had on the Vista system have been with software non-com or the guy at the computer store insisting he did an XP install on a Visat machine correctly, when in fact it took me about 3 hours to figure out the bonehead installed XP Home over Vista Home BASIC, which can not be done. After two weeks of pulling my hair out with the guy, he finally tells me to bring it in and go to Walmart! AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

    So I did. Got me an HP with Vista Home Premo and been a hummin ever since. As I said though, non-com software I did have a problem with, but I hear they have a greater problem with non-coms via the 64 bit Vistas. I run the 32. All my hardware works. Although I recently noticed it don’t like to run Windows Media center and Real at the same time. But those two softwares have been at each others throats for years. Running them one at a time there is no problems. As a matter of fact, this puter has been the nicest experience I have had yet on a Home PC. When I’m hardballin’ I am usually running two deep space cams, telescope controls, and a heavy duty planetarium program simultaneously and using two screens. So as for me, I’m having a great time:)

  109. Hello Loyd Knight and thanks for the comment. I believe a lot of the complaints depend on the programs and applications used. Also there were quite a few driver issues when Vista was first released and I think that started the “negative ball” rolling.

    Glad your experience is a positive one.

  110. I go all the way back to DOS and have used every Windows OS. I was one of the very first to get Windows Vista. I cannot understand what people expect from operating systems. I have found that Vista Premium and Vista Ultimate work just fine with all most no problems. The only complain I had with both is the copy function. I have some large files that I have to copy from time to time and find VIsta is very slow for this job.
    But I find Vista far better then XP because all of the extra functions.
    I just can’t understand why anyone would use a OS that is as bad as everyone makes Vista out to be. I downloaded and installed SP1 and Sp2 both install perfectly with no problems and has worked faultless since install it a couple of weeks ago.
    Like you web site and all of the good things on it. Keep up the good work.

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