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PC Pitstop Newsletter December 2008 #2

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Ask the Pros a Tech Question
PC Pitstop & Fox ’24’
Optimize in French
Welcome Harry McCracken
Bits from Bill: Is Google Still the Best Search?
TechBite: You’re Paying Too Much!
Technologizer: Hey, This Looks Pretty Good!
Firefox Grows Globally
Warning: Vista SP2 Beta
Tip #1: Indispensable Firefox Addon
Tip #2: Picture a Bargain

Welcome Harry McCracken


PC Pitstop is proud to announce a new partnership with founder and editor of Technologizer – Harry McCracken. Harry is the former editor in chief of PC World magazine and his insightful columns will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

Ask the PC Pitstop Pros a Tech Question


Hey Pitstoppers, here’s your chance to get an answer to all those questions you have about computing. Today PC Pitstop is starting a new feature called “Ask the Pros”. Can’t find the “How To article you need? Give us a try and see what we can come up with.

Win $100 Every Month


Don’t believe it? Check out this link to see the past winners of PC Pitstop’s Tips and Tricks section. I’m showing some tweaks that I use to give you an idea of what we’re looking for. Jump in and grab an extra $100.00.

Get your name in the hat by heading over to our Forums and posting up your submission or just enter them here and if your tip is chosen you’ll be the lucky winner for that month. We’ve had well over 100 people who have contributed and won prizes for their efforts. Why shouldn’t you be one of them?

Windows Vista SP2 Not Ready for Prime Time


Time to break out the tinfoil hats, Windows Vista SP 2 beta has been available since December 4th 2008. It doesn’t seem to add anything exciting to this universally acknowledged lame duck of an operating system, so I guess that explains the lack of interest I’m seeing around the web. While Microsoft touts the inclusion of Windows Connect Now for easier configuration of Wi-Fi networks and support for burning Blu-ray discs, these features have been available by automatic updates since July of this year. Take note that if you’ve recently purchased a system with Windows Vista’s Feature Pack for Wireless, it will already have WCN and Bluetooth 2.1 support included.

PC Pitstop Newsletter December 2008

  • Complete Laptop Care Guide
  • Identity Theft – Be Scared
  • PC Pitstop & Fox ’24’
  • Welcome Steve Bass
  • Bits from Bill: WinPatrol – 10 Safety Features
  • TechBite: Help I Can’t Get Online
  • Large PC Hibernation Files
  • Poll: Family Tech Support
  • Tip #1: Vista Power Button
  • Tip #2: Multilanguage Keyboard
  • Identity Theft – Be Scared


    Are you worried about having your identity stolen? I am. It
    has happened to two people that I know. My mother and a friend
    of mine in in Myrtle Beach. Once your identity is stolen, your

    life is forever changed. Even after you spend weeks upon weeks

    squaring everything away with your credit card company, things

    will never be right. You begin to dread answering the phone

    because it may be someone that erroneously thinks you owe them

    money. My mother was close to tears still getting phone calls 5

    years after the alleged deed took place. It certainly wears on you.

    Welcome TechBite’s Steve Bass


    PC Pitstop is proud to announce a new partnership with TechBite columnist and PC World contributing editor Steve Bass, whose columns will now be featured in the PC Pitstop newsletters and highlighted at and

    Hibernation, Great for bats but….


    It’s the year 2000 and I’m sitting at my brand new computer desk, on my brand new swivel chair, and I’m starting to explore my very first computer. It’s an HP and it has cool jungle sounds coming from it. It’s going to be the best, fastest, most exciting computer in the world. It’s loaded with cool programs (or so I thought) and it’s magical.

    Free Identity Theft Test


    It’s very convenient to let Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox save values and automatically complete fields on forms, but it may not be completely secure. Think about what could happen if you walk away from your computer for an extended period,
    and someone else walks up to it and starts working.