October 2008 Newsletter #2

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This Month


State of the XP SP3 Mess

6 months has past since the release of Windows XP SP3. Is it finally ready for prime time?


Microsoft Security Patch

Your computer may be in danger of remote code execution attacks. Read more for steps you need to take.


Windows 7 – MSFT Make Good?

Microsoft is sorry, but for what? Dave reports back from the Microsoft Developers conference.


Candidates & Computing

How important is it for the presidential candidates to have computer skills? Let’s discuss.


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Bits From Bill


Windows 7 & Cloud Computing

Live from the Microsoft Developers Conference, Bill checks in with updates on Cloud Computing & Windows 7.

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PC Trends


Broadband Technology

Broadband Genie, a new PC Pitstop partner in the UK, takes a closer look at the
current state of broadband.


Websites: McCain vs. Obama

What if a presidential candidate spent millions on a web site and nobody visited?


Election Instant Poll

Early voting has started in many parts of the country and now at PC Pitstop. Who do you plan to vote for?


You could win $100 for participating in our current surveys!
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Tech Tips


Open CD Drive Secret

Is your PC off? Instead of powering it on just to get at your CD, use this tip from morbidbutterfly.


Sidebar Gadgets

Vista needs more cool desktop sidebar toys. Get some with this tip from Adamsappleone.


Jazz Up Your Logon Screen

Fed up with the same old logon screen on XP or Vista? Spice things up with this tip from 8210GUY.


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Crucial Technology – Best Memory Prices & Selection

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